Announcing the 2020 – 2021 Canadian Sailing Team & Canadian Sailing Development Squad

Sail Canada is proud to announce the members of the 2020-2021 Canadian Sailing Team and Canadian Sailing Development Squad.

Based on the current Sail Canada High-Performance Plan and the Podium Pathway, what has been previously known as the National Sailing Team or the Canadian Sailing Team, is now divided into two divisions; The Canadian Sailing Team (“CST”) and The Canadian Sailing Development Squad (“CSDS”). Sail Canada believes it is important to make a shift from the notion that receiving Sport Canada AAP funding (“carded”) automatically translate to Canadian Sailing Team or National Team status.

Through this shift, Sail Canada hopes to better support athletes on both the CST and CSDS at their respective stages as they move through the Podium Pathway.

Congratulations to the following members of the 2020-21 Canadian Sailing Team and Canadian Sailing Development Squad :

The Canadian Sailing Team (National Team)


Tom Ramshaw – Toronto, ON – SLYC/ RCYC

Laser Radial

Sarah Douglas – Toronto, ON – ABYC


Ali ten Hove – Kingston, ON – KYC

Mariah Millen – Toronto, ON – RCYC

RS Venture Connect

John McRoberts – Victoria, BC – RVicYC

Scott Lutes – Montreal, QC – PCYC


Bruce Millar – Victoria, BC – RvicYC

Jackie Gay – Victoria, BC – RVicYC


The Canadian Sailing Development Squad


Kyle Martin – Vancouver, BC – RVYC


Fillah Karim – Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Liam Bruce – Oakville  – PCYC

Luke Ruitenberg – St. Margaret’s Bay, NS – RNSYS

Matti Muru – Toronto, ON – PCYC

Laser Radial 

Clara Gravely – Toronto, ON – ABYC

Coralie Vittecoq – Montreal, QC – HYC

Maura Dewey – Victoria, BC – RVicYC


Nikola Girke – Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Olivia Mew – Toronto, ON – Toronto Windsurfing Club/ RCYC


Luke Ramsay – Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Hunter Lowden– Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Oliver Bone – Montreal, QC – RNSYS

Jacob Saunders – Chester, NS – RNSYS/CYC


Georgia Lewin – Lafrance – Chester, NS – RNSYS

Antonia Lewin – Lafrance – Chester, NS – RNSYS


Andrew Wood – Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Ryan Wood – Vancouver, BC – RVYC

Evan DePaul – Hamilton, ON – RHYC

William Jones – Hamilton, ON – RHYC

Sam Bonin – Toronto, ON – RCYC

Will Bonin – Toronto, ON – RCYC

Alexander Heinzemann – Vancouver, BC – RVYC


Delani Hulme – Lawrence – Victoria, BC, RVicYC

Peter Eager – Toronto, ON, NYC


Proud supporters of the 2020-21 Canadian Sailing Team & Development Squad

·       Helly Hansen

·       Government of Canada


Photo: Sailing Energy


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