“Instructors/coaches focus on fun and loving the game! When we consider the Olympic Games, we need to place huge value in the word “Games”. Yes, it is the Olympics but it is still a “Game”: love it, enjoy it, play the game … My passion has been driven for years by not only the success of hearing the Canadian national anthem played during the Olympic medal ceremony, but also the success of truly loving your sport and everything it can offer.”

-8 time Olympic coach & Chief Technical Officer Ken Dool

The LTD in Sailing 3.0 responds to evolutions in sailing and sport since the first version of the Long-Term Sailor Development (LTSD) model in 2011. LTDS 3.0 based on the best available sport research and practical experience of coaches and leaders in the community. The goals of this update are to show that sailing programs are made up of more than just technical curriculums and to show the wide variety of interconnected pathways within sailing; from entry level at any age, to circumnavigating the globe, to succeeding at the highest level of competition, and sailing for life.

Long term development in sailing is a project for participants, instructors, coaches and program leaders. It’s designed to help us understand the underlying principles in our sport, the programs available to support different pathways and how we can best meet the needs of different participants. It’s also a critical piece of how we develop and improve our programs and products to become more cohesive and comprehensive.

Sail Canada’s long-term vision is for Canada to be a leading international sailing nation, proud of its world class athletes, lifelong participants and inclusive culture. We recognize that in order to realize this vision we need an updated Long Term Development in Sailing (LTD) framework. We will also need to continue to collaborate and align with all of the involved stakeholders.

We’re determined to better support sailing in Canada, by developing a more extensive and cohesive program structure and through updating curriculums and training. We’re working to embed the LTD 3.0 framework in our strategy, our instructor/coach training and participant programs to foster better outcomes for individuals and the community.

Sailing Canada’s updated LTD framework is based on the continuous evolution of work by The Sport for Life society.

Similar to Sail Canada’s vision, Sport for Life society is committed to enhancing Canadian’s ability to develop physical literacy, reach for excellence in sport and be active for life. Part of the Society’s work is to understand what influences an individual’s progress through sport long-term and how to help people best strive for excellence in sport, whatever that means to them.

This research and perspective helps us enhance our programs and education to foster better outcomes for our participants.