Sail Canada programs offer quality, safe & fun learning environments for anyone and support a variety of pathways in sailing; from entry level at any age and ability, to circumnavigating the globe, to succeeding at the highest level of competition and everything in-between.

Sail Canada is continually working to update and refine sailing programs to support new and experienced sailors of all ages with a flexible and cohesive training system. Sail Canada programs are based on the principles of Long Term Development & True Sport and backed by our core system underpinnings – the scaffold to develop and improve our programs and products.

Core system underpinnings:

  • Learning never ends for sailors, instructors, coaches, organizations and leaders.
  • Delivery is tailored to participant’s/athlete’s age & stage.
  • Fundamental skills are consistent for all entry levels programs and across equipment – boards or boats, kites or sails, cruising, foiling or competing.
  • Fundamental skills can be transferred to other programs and pathways.
  • Program and pathway language is aligned throughout system.
  • Continuous system support for training and development.
  • Connected to a local training centres and the wider sailing community.
  • Keep it positive, inclusive and fun.

Sail Canada’s programs are taught by certified Sail Canada instructors and coaches and delivered by Member Club, Schools and Provincial Sailing Associations in a number of formats and schedules that best suit participant’s needs.

Sailor programs

CANSail Programs

CANSail is focused on building strong sailing skills in a hands on way. Programs progressively introduce and develop fundamental sailing skills and support learning on a variety of platforms. People of all abilities are more than welcome.

Keelboat & Cruising

Sail Canada’s Keelboat and Cruising program focus on building sailing skills to support learning to sail on larger boats and for extended periods of time. These courses also incorporate and link to topics like maintenance, navigation and maneuvering under power.

Updates and Development

Sail Canada recognizes the need to continually update and develop our programs. At the moment we’re working to:

  • Make significant updates to our CANSail 1 to 6 programs and supporting instructor training to focus on better developing fundamental sailing skills.
  • Create and introduce skill progressions and better development coach training specific to competitive sailing – CANSail racing 1-4.
  • Develop and offer the brand new Intro to Foiling Coach Module to enable experienced coaches to safely introduce participants to foiling boards & boats.
  • Updating & aligning our programs & structure.

These program are piloting & developing through 2023/2024