Sail Canada established the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to distribute donations from supporting individuals and companies to programs deemed by Sail Canada to be eligible to receive such monies.
As a registered Amateur Athletic Association, Sail Canada has the right to issue tax receipts to donating individuals and companies where the donation complies with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.
Eligible Programs are those which advance the cause of sailing in Canada as contained within Sail Canada’s mandate.
This document sets out the eligibility and criteria that govern Sail Canada’s Financial Assistance Program.


a. Hosting Sail Canada Title Regattas, currently:

i. Canadian Youth Sailing Championships
ii. Sail East
iii. Sail West
iv. Sail Central
v. Canadian Women’s National Keelboat Championships
vi. Youth National Championship
vii. Senior National Championship

b.. Sail Canada affiliated clubs and organizations hosting major International sailing events that support Sail Canada’s mandate

c.. Member Yacht Club funds whose purpose is to support national and international level sailors sailing in the above events

d. Member Club Boat/Equipment Purchase – Assistance with the purchase of sailboats and sails to be used to instruct youth and disabled sailors at member clubs. In order to be considered for assistance the club must meet all the following conditions

i. the sailboats and sails are the property of the club (not any individuals) and are not permitted to be sold for five years without written permission of Sail Canada.
ii. the sailboats must be suitable for the safe instruction of youth and/or disabled sailors
iii. the sailing program must be youth (18 years and under) and/or disabled sailor focused and be open to the general public
iv. the sailing program must be based on Sail Canada training standards and use official Sail Canada certification and instruction materials

e. Provincial Sailing Association Programs
Programs which support Sail Canada and the PSA’s mandate to promote the sport of sailing

f. Sail Canada activities authorized by the Sail Canada Board



a. Canadian Sailing Team members where the activity is part of a Sail Canada approved program

b. Sail Canada Officials -Current World Sailing certified Sail Canada Race Officials (who are not otherwise compensated) are eligible for financial assistance to attend at any of the events listed in B(a) above or major International Events approved by the relevant World Governing Body

c. Sail Canada members qualified to represent Canada at major International events approved by the World Governing Bodymaybe eligible for the FAP, subject to Sail Canada’s discretion.


a. Tax Receipt Eligibility
To be eligible for tax receipts, the donation must comply with the following:

i. Directed Donations
Donations that direct the funds benefit an individual or family are not eligible for tax receipts. However, donations subject to a general direction from the donor that the gift be used in a particular program operated by Sail Canada are acceptable

ii. Benefit to the Donor
No benefit from the donation can accrue to the donor

iii.arm’s length
The gift cannot benefit any person not dealing at arm’s length with the donor,

iv. Right of Sail Canada to determine use of donation
Sail Canada is not obligated to follow any requests as to the disposition of donations. Decisions regarding utilization of the donation within a program rest with Sail Canada.

v. Fees
Donations must be entirely voluntary and if the fundraising programs involves fees or a service, than the value of the fee or service portion is not eligible for tax receipting

vi. Cross Donations are not eligible.

b. General Eligibility

i. Pre-approval
Eligible programs must have their projects and promotional literature reviewed and approved prior to starting any fundraising campaign. If the campaign is not pre-approved no tax receipts will be issued. Approval must be sought at least 60 days in advance of the activity for which approval is sought. Sail Canada will review the request and will confirm to the applicant in writing at least 30 days before the campaign whether or not tax receipting will be permitted. It is essential that Sail Canada know how the funds are to be raised in order to ensure they will be acceptable to CRA for tax receipting purposes.

Donations can be made in a number of ways:

a. Cheque (payable to Sail Canada) or credit card details enclosed with a completed Sail Canada Donation form (Form 1)

b. Online at (click on Donate Now)

Tax receipts for donations of $25.00 or more will be issued if Sail Canada determines the existence of a genuine gift. In the event that Sail Canada determines that the amount is not a gift as defined by CRA the payment will be returned.

F. DONATIONS IN-KIND may be accepted on an exception basis. For details on the procedures please contact Sail Canada. Approved in-kind items must be appraised by a minimum of three bona-fide professional appraisers, in writing, in order to establish the market value.


a.Apply for fundraising approval(Use Form 2)
Complete the Approval Request Form giving details of the intended fund-raising activity and submit it to Sail Canada.

b.Apply to be a beneficiary of the Financial Assistance Program.(Use Form 3)
Complete the form and submit it to Sail Canada 60 days in advance of the intended activity. In the case of a club making an application, the completed form must be sent to your Provincial Sailing Association for approval. Sail Canada will review the request and will confirm to the applicants in writing whether or not the request has been approved within 30 days of the application being received.


a. Athletes and Officials
After expenses are incurred, complete the Travel Assistance Claim (see Form 4). Expenses must only be submitted for events or programs which conform with the athlete’s approved training and regatta schedule and Sail Canada approved budget.

b. Clubs Boat/Equipment Purchase Program
Complete Form 5 and submit accompanied by the purchase order (for new boat(s)/ equipment) or the appraisals (3) (for used boat(s)/equipment)

c. Provincial Sailing Associations and Clubs
Invoice Sail Canada on letterhead outlining the costs incurred and confirming that Sail Canada Financial Assistance travel guidelines (Appendix 1) were followed.

Claims should be sent within 30 days after the event. Upon receipt of the claims at Sail Canada office and upon the availability of funds, the athlete, PSA, or club will be reimbursed. Receipts must be original. A receipt should contain the following information: date paid, amount, athlete’s name, description of what is being paid for, and name, address and signature of supplier. Details of travel expenses that may be claimed are outlined in Appendix 1.


Sail Canada Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

Events must be more than 200kms from the claimant’s home to qualify.

Expenses may be claimed for the following items:

Item Maximum allowable expenses Receipts
Air travel Economy airfare Airline ticket
Train or bus Actual amount paid Receipt required
Automobile 36 cents/km
Additional 10 cents/km if towing
Gas receipts
Rental costs Rental receipts
Accommodation Actual room cost only Receipts required
$13.50 per person per day No receipts required
Host Gift – up to $30 per stay Receipt Required
Meals North America: – Breakfast – $10, Lunch $15, Dinner $25 – Daily Maximum $50 No receipts required

Elsewhere: Breakfast $13, Lunch $20, Dinner $32 – Daily Maximum $65



Shipping and chartering expenses Actual & reasonable costs Shipping or chartering receipts
Entry fees Actual amount paid Receipt required
Sails and Actual Amount paid Receipt required
equipment maintenance

1. Regatta or Training Report must be submitted with all expense claims.
2. Charge card receipts are only accepted as proof of purchase for gasoline.
3. Photocopies of receipts are not accepted.
4. Receipts must show athlete’s name, date and amount paid, description of what was paid for, and name, address and telephone number of supplier.

Form 1 – Donation Form

Form 2 –Fundraising Approval Request Form
Form 3 – Application for Financial Assistance
Form 4 – Expense Form
Form 5 – Boat Funding Request