Committees & Groups

The Sail Canada Board of Directors may constitute Program and Adhoc Committees as it deems necessary in carrying out the affairs of the Association and define their terms of reference in a Policy on Organizational Structure.

Standing Committees

Provincial Council

The Provincial Council is a standing advisory committee of the Board of Directors. The Provincial Council will consist of presidents of each provincial/territorial sailing association or their nominees, and will be responsible for alerting and advising the Board on national issues or concerns that could affect the long-term success of Sail Canada/Voile Canada as the national authority for sport of sailing in all its forms in Canada, including yachting.


  • BC Sailing – Tanya Chamberlain
  • Alberta Sailing – Stacey Gibb
  • Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association – Marty Houle
  • Sail Manitoba – Phil Burns
  • Ontario Sailing – Jeff Dejean
  • Fédération de voile du Québec – Daniel St-Onge
  • Sail NB – Kim Drisdelle
  • Sail Nova Scotia – Eric Hill
  • Sail PEI – Kerry Marsh
  • Sail NL –

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will consist of up to eight persons including the Past President and representatives of the standing and program committees, and will be responsible for overseeing the nominating process described in By-law 4;


  • Todd Irving
  • Janet MacMillan
  • Rich Ballantyne

Audit Committee

  • Dr. John O’Dwyer, CPA, CA (Chair)
  • Darwin Castaneda Laverde
  • Joseph Malon

Board Committees

Finance Committee

  • Bob Greenhalgh (Chair)
  • Mario Côté
  • Rob Hemming
  • Zac Baum
  • Larry Waters
  • Donna Scott
  • Torstein Braaten

Governance Committee

  • Kate MacLennan (Chair)
  • Hugh McGugan
  • Zac Baum
  • Barbara Pike
  • Don Adams

Fundraising Committee

  • Bob Greenhalgh (Chair)
  • Todd Irving
  • Tam Matthews
  • Rob Hemming
  • Janet MacMillan
  • John O’Dwyer

Human Resources Committee

  • Hugh McGugan
  • Kate MacLennan
  • Barbara Pike


Operations Committees

Business Development Advisory Committee

  • Jane Mitchell
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Scott Collinson
  • Trevor Maguire
  • Peter Wickwire
  • Damien Etchaubard

Training and Certification Advisory Committee

  • Wendy Loat (Chair)
  • John Gourlay
  • Daniel Conrod
  • Steve McBride
  • Rob McLean
  • Julian Howarth
  • Jenny Davey

TCAC Meeting Minutes

TCAC Sub-Committees

Race Management Sub-Committee

  • Rob Woodbury (Chair)
  • John Abel
  • Daniel Conrod
  • Graham Dougall
  • Toff Nicoll-Griffith
  • Jennifer Ross
  • David Sprague

RMSC Meeting Minutes

Judges Sub-Committee

  • Joe Jospe (Chair)
  • Mike Turner
  • Katie Coleman Nicoll
  • Eric Turner
  • Michael Anderson
  • Kathy Dyer
  • Luke Porter

JSC Meeting Minutes

Umpires Sub-Committee

  • Andrew Alberti (Chair)
  • Katie Coleman Nicoll
  • David Pelling

CANSail Sub-Committee

  • Steve McBride (Chair)
  • Kelsey Stroppel
  • Nigel Crosscombe
  • Alex Byczko
  • Mark Shippers
  • Amelia Leeksma
  • Andrea Fitzgerald
  • Marc-Antoine Brassard

Cruising Sub-Committee

  • Jamie Gordon (Chair)
  • Penny Caldwell
  • Bob Davis
  • Ian Leitch
  • Guy Boulanger
  • Henry Raffel
  • Rob McLean
  • John Gourlay

Racing Appeals Committee

  • Lynne Beal (Chair)
  • Don Martin
  • Andrew Alberti
  • Rick Hatch
  • Leo Reise
  • Warren Nethercote
  • Irene McNeill

Racing Rules Committee

  • Rick Hatch (chair)
  • Kathy Dyer
  • Leo Reise
  • Robert Stewart
  • Andrew Alberti
  • Franck Pellerin

Offshore Committee

  • Richard Hinterhoeller (Chair)
  • Will Apold
  • David Sutcliffe
  • Guy Perrin
  • Diane Reid

  • Rolex
  • Helly Hansen
  • Gallagher Skippers' Plan
  • BMO Sail Canada MasterCard
  • Government of Canada