Jay Deakin


First Name :Jay

Last Name :Deakin

Home Town :Pointe Claire

Home Province :Québec

Bio :

Class: Lightning
Description: The Lightning is a three-person, 19-foot, sloop rigged sailing dinghy. A dinghy is a small sailing boat that has a centreboard.

Jay was born and raised in Pointe Claire, QC, where he still lives with his wife and two sons, Ben and Luke. He studied finance and real estate appraisal and is now the owner of a boutique real estate brokerage, specializing in Montreal’s west island. Jay will sail with his teammates, Jamie Allan and Chantal Leger, at the Pan Am Games. The team will be sailing in the mixed Lightning Class, where they are expected to be medal contenders.

Questions and Answers:

1. What does the average day in the life of Jay include?
I have a young family (boys – 3 and 5 years old). So the day starts early and is usually action packed. Real estate is fast paced and never boring. I still try to fit in as much of my passions as possible – sailing, running, golf and skiing.

2. If you could sail with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
My team - Jamie Allan and Chantal Leger – 2 close friends who I have sailed with for 20 years. Always a pleasure and privilege to be on the boat with them.

3. What would be your ultimate achievement in life, and/or in sport?
I hope to pass on a passion for sport to my sons and to be able to enjoy and compete in these pursuits together.

4. What was the best advice you were ever given?
There is a great article called “think simple thoughts” by Ed Baird. I read it before most big events.

5. What is your favourite Pan Am Games memory and/or your favourite sailing memory?
There are many, but recently qualifying for the Pan Am games stands out.  We had to win the last race of the trials to win the tiebreak. I had a fractured foot and sailed the trials with a fiberglass cast. Not able to put weight on the foot. It was a real testament to our team that we hung in there and found a way to win.

6. Do you have any routines and/or superstitions that are considered before you race?
We like to have our boat in the water early….that’s about it.

7. Who is your role model, and/or where do you draw your inspiration from?
The lightning class fosters dedicated lifetime sailors – Champion sailors, sail makers and boat builders have all inspired us and helped us up to speed - Alain Boucher, Peter Hall, Larry McDonald, Tom Allen Jr, Ched Proctor, and Bill Fastiggi are great examples of how compete at the highest level over decades while developing the next generation of champions.