CANSail Foiling Instructor Module

May 27, 2024 - May 28, 2024 | Halifax Harbour

WeCANFoil, in partnership with Sail Canada, is hosting a CANSail Foiling Instructor Module on May 27-28th in Halifax Harbour. This clinic is designed to train CANSail instructors to deliver the CANSail Foiling Module.

Eligible participants must:
-Be a 16 or older
-Have foiling experience
-Be a Trained or Certified CANSail Instructor, registered for 2024
*special consideration may be given to those who are not yet trained or certified, but plan to become so this year – please email before registration if this applies to you.

This clinic is timed the week before the SailGP event in Halifax and will allow participants to be a part of the buzz around this international event. The clinic is going to be run off the Halifax waterfront, with the SailGP Inspire container as the home base. The approximate location of the container will be around the Halifax wave.

Clinic participants must come prepared for sailing in Halifax Harbour in May. Participants are required to bring a full-body wetsuit that fits properly and is in good repair, gloves, a PFD, boots, and other sailing gear. Helmets will be supplied.

The deadline for registration is May 6, at midnight.

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