Registered Training Sites

Registered Training Sites

Registered Training Sites reap the benefits of receiving a number of tools and services to assist the sailing school’s volunteers and staff to carry out promotion and delivery of safe and professional dinghy sailing training at national standards.

A registered Training Site receives:

  • Promotional materials – for use in community and online
  • Tangibles for distribution to program participants:
  • Certificates loaded with sailor’s name and program
  • Seals for application to certificates or logbooks
  • Progress reports
  • Resources and for use by registered Sail Canada Instructors & Coaches
  • Certificate to identify your school as a recognized Sail Canada Training Site!
  • Listing on, and Provincial Sailing Association websites
  • Checklists for use by the school’s registered Instructor & Coach Staff
  • Access to the Sail Canada Online Service – a web-based program designed to relieve the paperwork hassles that come with running a sailing program to national standards. The system – powered by Checklick – includes digitized checklists that allow you track the progression of sailors

Registered Training Sites agree to:

  • Hire Registered & Certified Sail Canada Instructors & Coaches
  • Follow the Sail Canada curriculum & use appropriate checklists
  • Record and submit participant reports for all participants in programs to their Provincial Sailing Association (through the Online system or excel reports)

  • Rolex
  • Helly Hansen
  • Gallagher Skippers' Plan
  • BMO Sail Canada MasterCard
  • Government of Canada