Sail Canada Affiliate Organizations, along with yacht clubs, sailing clubs, windsurfing clubs sailing schools, and camps are the foundation of the Sail Canada membership program. Affiliate Organization membership is an appropriate membership category for out-of-Canada organizations that have as their primary interest the sport of sailing and would like to advertise job postings on the Sail Canada website.

Affiliate organizations become members of Sail Canada through application to Sail Canada. The annual membership fee is paid to Sail Canada. The annual membership fee is a flat rate, $125 per year. For further information or to become a member affiliate organization please contact us at

In order to offer Sail Canada programs, courses must be taught by current Sail Canada instructors who are certified at the appropriate level.



All schools that are current members of their provincial sailing association and Sail Canada benefit from the following services:

  • Representation by Sail Canada and PSAs to government agencies on issues concerning the regulation and legislation in recreational boating
  • Link to and listing of your organization on the Sail Canada website
  • Right to use Sail Canada logo to show affiliation with the national organization
  • Able to participate in Sail Canada national award program
  • Invited to use BMO Affinity MasterCard. With each use, you help to support the Canadian Sailing Team
  • Ability to add job postings to the Sail Canada website
  • Certificate of Sail Canada membership for organizations is provided