Protests & Appeals

Protest situations happen to all racers at some point on the water. Please download the following Protest or Redress Forms, and/or look for information in this section with regard to what you can do you if you wish to further pursue a protest decision.

Important Documents

Protest Form Sail Canada Redress Form World Sailing Case Book 2017-2020 Rule 68: Insurance: Collision and Damage


The appeal process in Canada is according to rule the Sail Canada Prescriptions to rule 70 and Appendix R.

When a party to a hearing appeals a protest committee’s decision, the appeal is sent to Sail Canada. E-mail submissions are preferred, but not required. Use this contact information:

Sail Canada

53 Yonge Street, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 6G4


Under the prescription to Appendix R, Sail Canada may delegate an appeal to a yacht racing association or provincial sailing association, as appropriate. If your appeal is delegated, the appeal committee for the yacht racing or provincial sailing association will contact you to process the appeal. Otherwise, the Sail Canada Appeals Committee will contact you.

The procedure to follow to file an appeal is outlined in the Racing Rules of Sailing in Appendix R – Procedures for Appeals and Requests.

Under this prescription, a decision of a yacht racing association or provincial sailing association may be further appealed or referred to the Sail Canada Appeals Committee. Any action by a National Authority under rule 69.3, Allegations of Gross Misconduct is handled by the Sail Canada Appeals Committee.


Appeals Publication

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020. Any changes in these rules are announced through Sail Canada and posted on the World Sailing website at

The Sail Canada prescriptions to the Racing Rules of Sailing

The World Sailing Cases, recognized by World Sailing as authoritative interpretations and explanations of the rules.

The Sail Canada Appeals Book, Interpretations of The Racing Rules of Sailing, 2017-2020,  April 2017 edition.

These publications may also be available for sale at sailing clubs, sailing schools, marine stores, from your Provincial Sailing Association.


Sail Canada Prescriptions to the Racing Rules of Sailing The World Sailing Cases Sail Canada Appeals Book



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