Next Gen camps are enhanced training opportunities for sailors just starting to compete internationally. These sailors are typically in a club or provincial program and have shown a dedication and commitment to the sport. Next Gen camps are run out of the National Training Centers and will include a tighter integration with Performance Sciences, Research and Innovation (PSRI) . A full list of NextGen camps can be found in the table below. Next Gen camps will be by application only.

The opportunities offered by Next Gen camps are more varied and can include but are not limited to:

CSDS & CST Integration: During these camps a select number of athletes work with a Coach alongside the CST and CYDS. While the Next Gen athletes may not get to take part in all drills the CST Coach is running, the two groups will come together for debriefings and as much of the on-water sessions as possible. A key factor in the success of these camps is having a dedicated Coach for the NextGen athletes to work with. These camps should leave athletes with an appreciation for the level and standard of professionalism to which CST & CSDS are held.

Core Proficiency Camps: At Sail Canada we have identified several core proficiencies. These include starting, tacking, markround and upwind boat speed. While these skills do not win you sail boat races we know that everyone who wins has these skills. Every year Sail Canada runs over 100 athletes through its core proficiency testing protocol. The results from these tests inform which camps Sail Canada will offer.

Regatta Support: A Sail Canada appointed coach will support select athletes at targeted events. Athletes will take part in daily briefings, debriefing, and get on water support. Athletes could either use this support in addition to their primary coach or rely solely on the Sail Canada representative at the event. Athletes must make prior arrangements with the Sail Canada coach in order to take advantage of this regatta support.

These camps will be run at a designated National Sailing Venue. Here is a current listing of upcoming camps:

Start Date End Date Class Camp Location

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*This project is funded [in part] by the Government of Canada