​Identified Athlete Program

90 percent of Olympic medallists have finished in the top 10 percent at a world youth or class world championships.

The Identified Athlete Program (IAP) is aimed at our NextGen athletes who Sail Canada believes can be future performers. The program is set up to give young sailors exposure to international competition at the correct time in their development pathway with the support they need to be successful. The IAP targets age group worlds in classes identified as performance pathways into the supported Olympic Classes. Supporting sailors with a Sail Canada appointed coach and domestic training camp and event builds sailors’ confidence and sets them up for success at the targeted event.

Each year sail canada will select the classes and events that will be part of the IAP. Sailors must apply to the IAP using the IAP Application form. Application deadlines are posted in the table below and will be changed each year to accommodate the targeted events.

Sailors will be selected by the Sail Canada High Performance Director (HPD) with input from the coach technical team. Criteria for selection include but are not limited to the following: Canadian Sailing Youth Squad status, Past performance, Yearly Training Plan, coach recommendation, developmental pathway, commitment to attend the pre worlds training camp, and age. Sailors will be notified of the decision by the selection date in the table below. If the minimum number of sailors in a specific class are not named to the program the HPD may decide to not support that class. The IAP includes both a targeted event and domestic training camp. Sailors who are part of the IAP are expected to take part in both the training camp and event. The IAP fee covers all coaching expenses associated with the training camp and regatta. Sailors are expected to cover their own costs; including but not limited to, travel, accommodation, registration, charter, food, etc…

To apply to be part of the IAP please fill out the following application form by the application deadline in the table below: https://forms.gle/qimQrmioe7dw5EGL8

Class Coach Racing Mandatory Training Camp Program Application
Event Location Racing Dates Dates in Venue Dates Location Deadline Selection Min Max
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For more information or questions regarding the identified athlete program please contact nextgen@sailing.ca

*This project is funded [in part] by the Government of Canada