High Performance Training

High Performance Training

Sail Canada annually identifies Canada’s up and coming high performance sailors, offering Coaching & HP Programming to well over 100 identified youth athletes across Canada each year at organized events and camps.

Sail Canada Kite Foiling Program

With the recent inclusion of  kitefoiling to the Olympic games Sail Canada is proud to announce the 2021  Kite foiling program.  The  program will be focussed on domestic training camps and events for this year with further additions and enhancements leading up to the 2024 Games. Sail Canada also recognizes our provincial partners, Ontario Sailing, BC Sailing and Federation Voile Quebec as well as the dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to produce the 2021 schedule. 

The program will be led in 2021 by Dan Cunningham. Dan is a previous Canadian Sailing Team member, and has an extensive background in foiling and coaching. We welcome Dan to the team and look forward to him leading the foilers to performance success.  

It is Sail Canada’s goal to have the best kitefoilers in Canada come to train together with the goals of performance at the 2021 Senior and Youth World Championships and beyond.

There will be a maximum of 6 athletes per coach at the camps. Acceptance for entry to these training camps will be decided based on the following items:

  1. Proven performance in kites or other Olympic classes
  2. Commitment to training
  3. Long term potential
  4. Equal men/women split (except for Women’s clinic)
  5. Ability to commit to all camps and World Championships
  6. Ability to consistently foil around a windward leeward race course 

To apply for these camps please fill in the online registration form found in the table below. Successful applicants will be informed within one week of the posted deadline.

If you have general program questions please contact Mike Milner (Mike@sailing.ca) or Katie Sweeting (katie@sailing.ca)

If you have camp specific questions please contact Dan Cunningham (dan@dcsailing.ca)

2021 Sail Canada Kite Foiling Program – Training Camps

Camp #1
Organizer: Caroline de Alcala
Focus: Board and kite handling, maneuvers and starting
NEW DATES: May 28-30 (Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions, Sail Sanada has postponed this first training camp to May 28-30 as our priority is to keep our athletes safe. For more questions, feel free to contact Mike Milner at mike@sailing.ca.)
Location: Montreal, QC
Coach: Dan Cunningham
Technical Expert: TBD
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/HGs9xE6NfG7Ri7TF6
Deadline to apply: April 15, 2021
Cost: TBD

Organizer:Dan Cunningham & *Matthieu Turgeon
Focus:Tactics and strategy on the race course and competitors will take part in the TS & CC Icebreaker regatta
Dates:May 20, 21- 24, 2021
Location: Toronto, ON
Coach:Dan Cunningham
Technical Expert:TBD
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/DsrEWWF375rC5p6Z8
Deadline to apply: April 20, 2021
Cost: $200 plus event fee

Camp #3
Organizer: Mac Morrin
Focus: Speed and rig set up and will be run before the 2021 FORK regatta including some practice racing on full size course
Dates: July 16 – 18 & 19 – 22
Location: Kingston, ON
Coach:Dan Cunningham
Technical Expert: TBD
Registration Link:https://forms.gle/p9KTSmWNgkBxLGgbA
Deadline to apply: June 16, 2021
Cost: TBD

Camp #4
Organizer:  Adam Vance
Focus: Pre- World Championships camp – athletes planning to attend the 2021 World Championships and will focus on large fleet starting and speed
Dates: August 20-27, 2021
Location: Seattle or Squamish
Coach:Dan Cunningham
Technical Expert: TBD
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/HRbaHz3yfMtiJCkXA
Deadline to apply:  July 20, 2021
Cost: $250

Organizer: Nikki Layton
Focus: This camp is designed for women who currently kite and want to improve or learn specific racing skills to maximize performance – could be open to non foiling female kiters wanting an intro into racing.
Dates:  July 9-11, 2021
Location: Squamish ** TBC
Coach:Dan Cunningham
Technical Expert: TBD
Registration Link:https://forms.gle/eLbC1Yc4sck1fLqS8
Deadline to apply: June 9, 2020

Camp #6
Organizer: Mike Milner
Focus: Canadian Sailing Team Camp
Dates: October 25 – November 21, 2021
Location: Comox, BC
Coach: TBD
Technical Expert:  TBD
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/WEcWUmcCpTHiK8k68
Deadline to apply: September, 2020
Cost: $70 per day for accommodations/meals and coaching

Domestic Regatta schedule 

Organizer  Event Dates  Location Coach  Event Website Cost
Tom Wharton  TS & CC Icebreaker Regatta May 22-23, 2021 Toronto, ON TBD https://www.tscc.net/ As per event registration
Mac Morrin FORK Regatta July 23-25, 2021 Kingston, ON Dan Cunningham https://forkregatta.com/ As per event registration
Marianne Davis CORK OCR  August 13-17, 2021 Kingston, ON TBD http://cork.org/ As per event registration
Mike Milner 2021 World Championships September 2- 16, 2021 China or Italy (TBC) TBD TBD $400


Sail Canada Youth World Team

Athletes named annually following performance at the Youth World Selection Events as outlined in the Youth World Team Selection Criteria. Athletes selected for the Sail Canada Youth Worlds Team will represent Canada at the World Sailing Youth World Championships.

Canadian Sailing Youth Squad

Athletes named annually following performance & selection by Sail Canada High Performance Director and the Sail Canada National Performance Coach at the Canadian Sailing Youth Squad Training Camp.

Read more information about the Canadian Sailing Youth Squad here.

Sail Canada Youth Olympic Training Seminar (s) (YOTS)

Sail Canada YOTS is part of Sail Canada’s NextGen Programming and Talent ID initiative. Not only do these camps allow Sail Canada coaches the opportunity to work with youth sailors from across the country, but they also provide an opportunity for the best youth sailors across the country access to group debriefs with guest coaches and experts.

YOTS at Sail Canada Regional Championships

Two days of training (YOTS) is typically held prior to Sail West, Sail Central, Sail East. These YOTS Camps are open to all sailors attending the Sail Canada Regional Championships and are often included in the event registration. For more information please visit the Sail Canada Regional Youth Championship information page  for more details.

YOTS at Sail Canada Youth Championships

  • Sail Canada traditionally runs the National YOTS  three days preceding the Canadian Youth Championships.  For 2021, with strict Covid protocols in place we have made the decision not to run the National YOTS program. 

Sail Canada Invitational YOTS (Pacific, Central, Atlantic)

  • These camps are used as a qualifying event for the Canadian Sailing Youth Squad Trials Camp. Space is limited at these camps and sailors who have been identified or invited based on previous performance may be prioritized. These camps are qualifying events for the Canada Sailing Youth Squad Trials Camp. See Canadian Sailing Youth Squad criteria here

Canadian Sailing Youth Squad Training Camp

Annual Training camp for the top youth sailors in Canada. Athletes will be invited to the camp based on performance at the Sail Canada Youth Championships. The camp will take place in the fall and include on-water training, fitness testing, talent ID and skill evaluation. The top athletes from this camp will be named to the Canadian Sailing Youth Squad and will be invited to the Canadian Sailing Team & Development Squad Fall Training Camp.

Canadian Sailing Development Squad

The pinnacle step in Sail Canada’s NextGen Programming is the qualification to the CSDS.

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Sail Canada High Performance Training

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