Sail Canada programs offer safe, fun, learning environments for any age and ability! From learning to sail in dinghies or keelboats to racing competitively, cruising offshore, officiating, or anything in between, Sail Canada programs are a great way to get out on the water!

Developing in 23/24

While developing and introducing the programs below, we’re also working to integrate the long term development in sailing material into our instructor and coach training, mainly having a long term perspective on development and following established best practices of working with different stages of development. We’re also working to continuously improve our programs & structure.


*CANSail Racing & intro to foiling


CANSail Racing

As sailors develop and consolidate their fundamental skills in CANSail 1 to 6, sailing programs can also choose to introduce racing skills to participants within the same program, in a modular way. CANSail racing is designed to align with CANSail 1 to 6 fundamental skills and gives schools and clubs the flexibility to tailor their programs to their context and the participants. These levels give guidance to different levels of sailing team coaches.

CANSail racing is focused developing technical sailing and racing skills and is a piece of Sail Canada’s competitive pathway.


Intro to racing (CANSail racing 1)

  • As sailors continue to develop the fundamental skills in CANSail 3 & 4, sailing programs can also choose to introduce participants to skills more applicable to competition like; basic race organization, and an intro to starts, tactics & strategy.


Club racing (CANSail racing 2)

  • As sailors consolidate the fundamental skills in CANSail 5 & 6, sailing programs can choose to continue to develop participants racing skills with a progression in skills like starts, tactics & strategy along side an introduction to organization and competitive process skills.


Regional racing (CANSail racing 3)

  • As sailors refine their fundamental skills towards becoming strong core proficiencies, sailing programs can continue to develop athletes skills w detailed and tailored training and in competitions farther afield.


Provincial racing (CANSail racing 4)

  • Athletes develop strong core proficiencies, and begin to target competing in national competitions.


CANFoil in partnership with the WECANfoil organization

CANFoil programs are designed to connect sailors with developing fundamental skills to the high flying world of foiling on boats and boards. CANFoil 1 & 2 are offered in short courses, on boards or boats, to help sailors safely apply their skills on a new platform and develop independence. CANFoil 3 & 4 continue on developing and refining maneuvering skills.


Safe introduction to foiling (CANFoil 1)

  • This course focuses on an introduction to flying basics, self rescue, stable flight & launcing & retreiving. Prerequisit – CANSail 4


Intro to indepentent foiling (CANFoil 2)

  • This course continues to develop stable flight & launching & retrieving and adds heading up and bearing off skills.


Intro to foiling maneuvers (CANFoil 3)

  • This course focuses on an introduction to foiling maneuvers like tacks and gybes.


Intro to racing foiling platforms (CANFoil 4)

  • This course focuses on starting skills and executing dry laps!