2021 Candidates for Election

The Sail Canada Nominating Committee announces the final list of candidates for the Board of Directors to be elected at the Sail Canada virtual Annual General Meeting on Friday, October 22, 2021.

The current Board of Directors and final list of candidates for election to the Board of Directors are as follows; please note that the candidates’ bios can be accessed by clicking on the candidates’ name:

The positions of the Board of Directors will be decided by means of a vote by the membership at the Sail Canada Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with Sail Canada Bylaws; Directors whose nominations are unopposed shall be declared elected by acclamation by the President of the Elections. Where more nominations are received than there are positions available, an election by secret ballot will be held.

Click here for more information about the 2021 Sail Canada AGM.

Position Current Board of Directors

(year term expires; term number)


(received to date)

Chair Hugh McGugan (‰Ûª21; 1st.term) ‰ÛÒ ON Hugh McGugan – ON
Directors at Large Bob Greenhalgh (‰Ûª21; 2nd term) ‰ÛÒ ON

Zac Baum (‰Ûª21; 1st term) ‰ÛÒ ON

John O‰ÛªDwyer (‰Ûª22; 1st term) ‰ÛÒ ON

Barbara Pike (‰Ûª22; 1st term) ‰ÛÒ NS

Kate MacLennan (‰Ûª23; 2nd term) ‰ÛÒ AB

Valerie Lavigne (‰Ûª23; 1st term) ‰ÛÒ QC

Zac Baum – ON

Torstein Braaten – ON

Kelly Lyon – ON

Christine Santimaw – NS

Ian Wooden – QC

Athlete Directors Rob Hemming ‰ÛÒ ON

Mariah Millen – ON