Working together towards inclusivity

June 23, 2020

Working together towards inclusivity

There are no words to describe the injustice, harm, inequality that has been upon us. As we move forward in this society, Sail Canada pledges to create a safe and welcoming environment for all races, religions and cultures.

Sail Canada is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equity,
accessibility, diversity and inclusion in its workforce and in the delivery of its programs and

As a proud member of Sail Canada, I'm passionate about creating a welcoming space for all sailors. Together, we are working to ensure our community encourages diversity and champions inclusivity. Every sailor deserves a positive and supportive experience like I have been so fortunate to receive. Stay tuned for resources to support sailors of all backgrounds

Sarah Douglas, CST Member

We are dedicated to educating ourselves, listening, understanding, and making a difference. 

We pledge to create resources to not only raise awareness but to ensure that all sailors across the country feel welcomed, safe and included. 

Together we can make a difference. 


Sail Canada Resources

Equity, Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Safe Sport 

Code of conduct

Informational Resources 

Government of Canada Anti-Racism Resources 

Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society 

Canadian Anti-Hate Network 

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