The Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 1991. This award recognizes volunteers for their outstanding contributions to sailing activities at Sail Canada member clubs, Sailing Schools and Regattas. The contribution can be related to activities by the candidate(s) over a period of years or to a specific event or program during a particular year. The candidate(s) must:

a) Have shown leadership qualities with respect to the event or activity.

b) Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

c) The award cannot be awarded to a current director or employee of Sail Canada.

2021 Paul Ulibarri
2021 Roby Douglas
2019 Nollind van Bryce
2018 David Everett, Julian Hatherell, Carole Presseault
2017 René Dallaire
2016 Peter van Muyden
2015 David Howard and the Volunteers of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Sailing Regatta
2014 Warren Nethercote
2013 Evert Bastet
2012 Fiona Kidd
2011 Ron Rubadeau, Marilea McAllister & Ethel Thayer
2010 Mike Heseltine
2009 Hugh Drake
2008 Tracy Terry
2007 Timothy Irwin
2006 Darin McRae
2005 Lynne Beal
2004 Guy Walters
2003 Kathy Campbell
2002 Kathryn Crowder
2001 Don Pearson and Craig Coleman
2000 Keith Hobbs
1999 David Pelling
1998 Graeme Hayward
1997 Robert O’Brian
1996 Fie Hulsker
1995 Michael Eames
1994 Volunteers of the “1994 IYRU World Boardsailing Championships”
1993 Carole Pearcy
1992 Jack Cameron
1991 Livius Sherwood