Transport Canada Update from fall 2023 Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC)

Transport Canada looks for comments from the public using the Let’s Talk Transportation website ( At the current time on the site, the Marine Safety and Security group is looking for comments on long term anchoring in relationship to floating homes and changes to the VORR (Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations. Previous consultations of interest included regulatory changes covering vessel licencing, requirements for engine cut off switches and managing engine noise emissions.

A focused consultation about mandatory life jacket wear was conducted in early 2023 with enforcement, industry and safety groups. A follow up Let’s Talk Transportation consultation is planned to help transport focus on potential options introducing wear requirements by age (18 or 14), vessel size (4, 6 metres) and vessel type. The expected regulatory approach is not yet identified.

In the coming months Transport will publish what they heard about engine cutoff switches with expectations for some form of requirement to come into force in the spring of 2025.

A consultation was held about changes to the Small Vessel Regulations covering pleasure craft licencing (PCL). Planned changes were positively supported by enforcement groups and less well received by the general boating public. Changes planned include requirements for a 5-year renewal period, an increase in the renewal charge to $24 (subject to inflation) and an expansion of the types of vessels that need to be licenced. Expect to see a “What We Heard Report” published in the next few weeks with regulatory implementation in 2024. A function supporting user search for current licence expiry information has been implemented on the Transport Canada PCL pages.