Tom Ramshaw back with a second-place finish‰Û_ in the ILCA 7 (Laser) class

Sarah Douglas also takes part in her first competition since Tokyo 2020; finishes 5th at the US Open Sailing Series in Fort Lauderdale

Kingston, January 17, 2022 ‰ÛÒ Two-time Olympian in sailing Tom Ramshaw took second place overall at the 2022 US Open Sailing Series, which ended Monday in Fort Lauderdale, USA, while taking part in the ILCA 7 (Laser) event, a class the Canadian sailor had not competed in since 2015.

Over the six-race competition, the athlete from Toronto initially made a strong return by finishing first in the first race, his first since Tokyo 2020. And on Monday, he closed the event with his second first-place finish. Luke Ruitenberg of St. Margaret’s Bay, N.S., finished in second spot, right behind Ramshaw, in the sixth and last race to end the competition in seventh position overall. Six other Canadians took part in the event that involved 31 participants, including sailors from the USA, Porto Rico, Bermuda, Venezuela and Belize.

‰ÛÏThe regatta was a nice opportunity to get back to some good racing,‰Û said Ramshaw, who competed in the Finn class at the last two Olympic Games, a category that was part of the Olympic program for the last time in Tokyo. ‰ÛÏI was thinking I could win it if I sailed well, but unfortunately, I just made too many mistakes. I was a little rusty getting off the line but I managed to keep it together for a decent series. I‰Ûªm definitely looking forward to improving and racing again!‰Û

Sarah Douglas comes in fifth at her first competition since Tokyo

In the ILCA 6 (Laser Radial) class, Sarah Douglas gained five spots over the span of the competition that started on Saturday to end up in fifth position at her first event since last summer‰Ûªs Olympic Games.

During the competition, the sailor from Toronto came up with one third-place finish and two fifth-place results to end up one spot ahead of one of three other fellow Canadians also in contention, Coralie Vittecoq from Montreal. Vittecoq came up with one second-place finish and one third-place result over the six-race event.

‰ÛÏIt was great to be back racing after a long break following the Olympics. Unsurprisingly, I am still getting back to my racing form physically and mentally. Next up for me is training with the rest of the Canadian team in Clearwater next week,‰Û said Douglas who took the 6th spot in Tokyo. ‰ÛÏCongratulations to the winners who sailed very well in tricky and exciting conditions.‰Û

This weekend, Canada will be represented by 10 other Canadians at the next 2022 US Open Sailing Series event, to be held in Miami. Among them will be Tokyo 2020 Canadian Olympians Ali ten Hove and Mariah Millen, along with the team comprised of Audrey Staples and Marion Lafrance-Berger, in the 49er FX class.

On the men‰Ûªs side in the 49er event, the teams made up of Ryan and Andrew Wood, Arie Moffat and Sam Bonin, as well as Thomas and William Staples are also scheduled to compete.

Canadian results

2022 US Open Sailing Series

Fort Lauderdale, USA


ILCA 6 (/62)

5. Sarah Douglas (R1: 23 / R2: 3 / R3: 9 / R4: 5 / R5: 5 / R6: 14)

6. Coralie Vittecoq (R1: 12 / R2: 7 / R3: 15 / R4: 2 / R5: 20 / R6: 3)

12. Clara Gravely (R1: 29 / R2: 25 / R3: 8 / R4: 24 / R5: 3 / R6: 7)

33. Aidan Dennis (R1: 40 / R2: 20 / R3: 38 / R4: 12 / R5: 25 / R6: 40)

ILCA 7 (/31)

2. Tom Ramshaw (R1: 1 / R2: 11 / R3: 17 / R4: 7 / R5: 7 / R6: 1)

7. Luke Ruitenberg (R1: 22 / R2: 20 / R3: 6 / R4: 9 / R5: 1 / R6: 2)

10. Liam Bruce (R1: 5 / R2: 18 / R3: RET / R4: 8 / R5: 5 / R6: 15)

11. Ryan Anderson (R1: 18 / R2: 4 / R3: 19 / R4: 17 / R5: 3 / R6: 11)

12. Forrest Wachholz (R1: 12 / R2: 10 / R3: 27 / R4: 3 / R5: 10 / R6: 20)

13. James Juhasz (R1: 16 / R2: 13 / R3: 10 / R4: 12 / R5: 12 / R6: 10)

23. Finley Nakatsu (R1: 24 / R2: 26 / R3: 18 / R4: 22 / R5: 23 / R6: 17)

25. Daniel Connors (R1: 31 / R2: 28 / R3: 15 / R4: 19 / R5: 24 / R6: 24)

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