The Skippers’ Plan Athletes/Teams of the Year is awarded to current Canadian Sailing Team athletes/teams with a record of outstanding achievement in national and international competitions. Two awards will be given annually and they will be awarded to athletes/teams of different genders identities. The nominated athlete(s) must:

a) Have a record of outstanding achievement in national and international competitions from the specific year, and brought recognition to Canadian competitive sailing. Priority will be given to athlete(s)/team results from international Olympic/Paralympic class competitions in North American and ISAF Graded events. However, please note that other sailing accomplishments will be considered.

b) Through behavior and manner, have set an example for other competitors.

c) Have demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship.

d) Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

2020-2021 Tom Ramshaw Sarah Douglas
2019 Luke Ramsay Sarah Douglas
2018 Tom Ramshaw Sarah Douglas
2017 Tom Ramshaw Brenda Bowskill
2016 Paul Tingley, Scott Lutes & Logan Campbell Brenda Bowskill
2015 Luke Ramsay Erin Rafuse & Danielle Boyd
2014 Paul Tingley, Scott Lutes & Logan Campbell Isabella Bertold
2013 John McRoberts & Jackie Gay Isabella Bertold
2012 Zachary Plavsic Nikola Girke
2011 Al Clark
2010 Paul Tingley
2009 David Wright Nikola Girke
2008 Oskar Johansson & Kevin Stittle Stacie Louttit
2007 Bruce Millar Dominique Vallée
2006 Luke Ramsay Lisa Ross
2005 Paul Tingley Jennifer Spalding
2004 Ross MacDonald & Mike Wolfs Jen Provan & Nikola Girke
2003 Bernard Luttmer Keamia Ras
2002 Bernard Luttmer Jennifer Spalding
2001 Chris Cook Jen Provan & Nikola Girke
2000 David Williams, Paul Tingley, Brian MacDonald & Jamie Whitman Beth Calkin
1999 Eric Holden Kelly Hand
1998 John Clarke Kathryn Ruddy
1997 Mike Simms Joanne Abbott
1996 David Cook, Ken Kelly & Kirk Westergaard Joanne Abbott
1995 Hank Lammens Caroll-Ann Alie
1994 Ross Macdonald & Eric Jespersen Tine Moberg-Parker
1993 Richard Clarke Lindsay Staniforth & Ali Matthews
1992 David Sweeney & Kevin Smith Penny Davis & Sarah McLean
1991 Lawrence Lemieux Shona Moss
1990 Hank Lammens Edithe Trepanier
1989 Peter Hall, Alain Boucher & Mark Osterman Shona Moss
1988 Frank McLaughlin & John Millen Caroll-Ann Alie
1987 Ross Macdonald & Bruce Macdonald Judy Lugar & Morag McLean
1986 Hans Fogh Karen & Gail Johnson