Through a partnership with US Sailing, we are pleased to continue to offer Sail Canada Officials the option to access and use the SOARS system to manage your event log.

Starting in 2021, there will be a fee associated with access to SOARS. The fee of $32 CAD is in place to cover the cost that Sail Canada pays to US Sailing for each official who accesses.

If you’d like to access SOARS for 2021 please follow the link below to complete a registration process:

Once you complete the registration and payment to request access to SOARS, Sail Canada will share your information with US Sailing. Please understand that this process is not automatic and will take some time. You will be notified when your SOARS access is set up.

There is no requirement to use SOARS. This is an optional service that some Sail Canada Officials have expressed a desire to access to help track their events and activities.


The Sailing Officials Automated Reporting System (SOARS) is US Sailing’s log for race officials. Thanks to an agreement with US Sailing, Sail Canada Officials can be given access to use the SOARS system.

SOARS is designed to have events recorded in a central location, including all the relevant event details (location, dates, fleets, etc). Once the event is set up in SOARS, the officials who took part record the roll they held at the event and it is added to their log. This helps to ensure the information is maintained in a central location. Each official has their own profile and log that shows the events they have been part of. The log can be referenced and provided when needed for certification or recertification