Shark Worlds coming to Whitby, Ontario

The Whitby Yacht Club is proud to be hosting this gathering of enthusiastic Shark 24 sailors from North America and Europe in 2024. There are already almost 40 entries for the regatta, which is still two months away running from September 7-13, 2024.

The Shark 24 a Canadian institution and deserves to be on a coin and memorialized in a Heritage Minute. Designed in Canada in 1959, Over 2,500 Sharks have been produced over the years by domestic builders including Hinterhoeller, C&C, Hallman, Shark Shoppe and several licensed builders in Europe.

Sharks have been a linchpin of the one-design sailing scene on the Great Lakes for over 40 years, and the class is as strong as ever, stronger perhaps today with fleets across the country, particularly in Quebec and Ontario. This is a remarkable testament to a boat that has survived nearly 65 years while hotshot designers created all manner of theoretically faster boats in the same range.