Sail Canada partners with the Canadian Armed Forces in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at HMCS Quadra in Comox, British Columbia

Sail Canada, working with our partner, BC Sailing, is proud to announce a partnership with 19 Wing Comox’s HMCS Quadra military facility in Comox, British Columbia, helping the Canadian Sailing Team in their quest for Olympic success at the Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled for 2021.

Mike Milner, the Sail Canada High Performance Director states, “We are thrilled to be training at HMCS Quadra for this winter. With many of our traditional training sites closed this year due to COVID-19, the Sail Canada High Performance Team looked at several venues around Canada to base the team. After much consideration, the HMCS Quadra was selected for the following reasons: great wind and waves for training, accommodations on-site, a very safe and secured area for our athletes, a venue that can host the entire team, and an engaged local sailing community based out of the Comox Bay Sailing Club, a community who went above and beyond to help our team in these uncertain times.” 

Eric Miles, Chief Sport Officer for the Canadian Olympic Committee upon hearing the news of Sail Canada partnering with the Quadra base stated;   

“The Olympic Games and the military have a long history together. Early sports originated from the military and, for over a century, members of the Canadian Armed Forces have represented Canada at various Olympic Games. Olympians and Canadian Armed Forces members also share many values such as respect, courage and bravery, and are united by the maple leaf we wear on our uniforms.”

For more information on the Canadian Sailing Team and our plans leading up to the Games please contact Claire Juguet, Communications Coordinator of Sail Canada