Sail Canada COVID 19 Health and Return to Sailing Task Force

Sail Canada is pleased to report that Sail Canada has formed a COVID-19 Health and Return to Sailing Task Force. This expert group is providing advice and recommendations to Sail Canada so that Provincial Sailing Associations, Member Clubs, Schools, Camps and Outdoor Centers can make informed decisions on how and when allow members to return to sailing related activities in a safe and prudent manner.  

Don Adams, CEO of Sail Canada stated: “Sail Canada is extremely fortunate to have this expert task force to help our member clubs to return to sailing activities when provincial and local authorities give clubs the green light to start resuming sailing activities.”   

The Committee is composed of Scientific and Medical Experts who understand the sport of Sailing and have expertise in the prevention of COVID 19 spread.


  • Bruce Macaulay (Halifax, NS)


  • Steven Kempton (Halifax, NS)
    CD, MMM
  • Marc Robin (Montreal, QC)
  • Michael R.P. de la Roche (Kingston, ON)
    MD., M.Sc., CCFP, FCFP  
  • Tracey Steinitz (Belleville, ON)
    BSc, BEd, MD, CFCP(CAC-EM) 
  • Dan Steinitz (Belleville, ON)
    BSc, MD, FRCS(c)
  • David Telles-Langdon (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Doug Bell (Victoria, BC)


The Task Force will: 

  1. Provide a Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Strategies for the Sport of Sailing to help Clubs determine if and when it is safe to start and maintain sailing programs and activities at the club or on the water
  2. Provide advice on how to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 Virus to sailors, Members and the public at large
  3. Set the stage and provide a framework for safe sailing in the future 

Please consult the Sail Canada website for ongoing Reports from the Committee. Together we will ensure that the sailing community stays safe and responsible during this uncertain time.


Return to Sailing and COVID-19 Public Health and Safety Measures for Sailing Clubs and Members Document