On Deck: Billy Gooderham

Billy Gooderham is a member of the Canada SailGP Team that competed in the Bermuda SailGP last month. “On Deck” discussion with the ‰Û÷Flight Controller’ from Toronto, ahead of the second SailGP Season 3 event of the season, slated for this weekend in Chicago.

What was your role onboard the F50 at this season‰Ûªs first event?

I am the Flight Controller, so I am in charge of flying the boat.

What is your biggest takeaway from the first weekend of racing?

The sheer amount of mental focus and trust in your teammates that is required to fly the boat. As the Flight Controller, you are in your own little world trying to keep the boat dry. You need to block out all of what is happening around you and be 100% focused on your job, and trust that your teammates are doing the same in their respective roles.

What was it like to sail at close to 100 km/h?

It is a pretty surreal feeling at first, but you get used to the speed pretty quickly as your mind recalibrates and you focus on your job.

What was the consensus regarding the team‰Ûªs performance following the first event?

It was a huge mixture of emotion. I don’t think anyone expected that from us straight out of the gate so there was a bit of surprise, but mostly an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. On the flipside, for me personally, it was a bit bittersweet. We are all extremely competitive and want to win, it is part of our DNA as professional athletes. With that in mind, it is hard not to look back and think what you could have done differently to make that happen.

Leading into the second weekend of racing in Chicago, are there any specific points that the team will be focusing on?

The main focus for all of us on the team since day one has been to always keep learning and to trust in the process we have in place. Chicago is the next step on that journey for all of us in the Canada SailGP family.