The Marvin McDill Memorial Award was established to honour the man who returned Canada to the America’s Cup Competition in 1983.

Also known as the Canadian Sailing Team Rookie of the Year Award, the Marvin McDill Award is presented annually to the athlete/crew with the best results at their first Open World Championship as a member of the Canadian Sailing Team.

The determination of best performance is based on the percentage (%) of boats finishing behind the athlete (crew) at his/her first participation as a member of the Canadian Sailing Team in an Open World Championship.

2022 Delani Hulme-Lawrence
2020-2021 Antonia & Georgia Lewin-LaFrance
2019 Clara Gravely
2018 Mariah Millen
2017 Luke Ruitenberg
2016 Sarah Douglas
2015 Kyle Martin
2014 John & Arthur Ferguson
2013 Jacob Chaplin Saunders & Graeme Chaplin Saunders
2012 Tom Ramshaw
2011 Ingrid Merry
2010 Gregory Douglas
2009 Lee Parkhill
2008 Isabella Bertold
2007 Abe Torchinsky
2006 Michael Kalin
2005 Bruce Millar
2004 Zachary Plavsic
2003 Andrew Childs
2002 Jen Provan & Nikola Girke
2001 Tony Snell & David Caesar
2000 Paul Sustronk
1999 Danny McCoy
1998 Rachel Dennis
1997 Nathaniel Stoffelsma
1996 Jamie Boyden
1995 Pierre-Olivier Roy & James Sauter
1994 Alain Bolduc
1993 Shona Moss
1992 Hank Lammens