Instructor of the Year – Braden Gray

As Head Sailing Instructor of the Glenmore Sailing School in Calgary Alberta, Braden Gray is what everything a school strives to have. Motivated, passionate, outgoing, and on top of everything, this instructor not only encourages students to learn but also fellow coworkers to further their skills. 

Braden works very hard day and night to ensure that the sailing school succeeds and improves in any way he can. Known for his organizational skills, he ensures everyone is where they need to be at all times, so the day can run smoothly. He keeps instructors in line every day by giving radio calls announcing the weather forecast or time checks, and staying with them after the day is over to improve their skills. Not only is Braden a great asset to the school, but he is also the one who motivates everybody around him to become a better sailor.


What does it mean to you to have been selected as the recipient of the Instructor of the Year?

It’s an honour to be selected as the instructor of the year. I’ve worked really hard at re-developing the Glenmore Sailing School to be a World Class program and a leader in the sailing school. I’ve never really worked specifically to an award, but receiving just shows we are on the right track.

What first inspired you to become a sailing instructor?

The Glenmore Sailing School has a really unique culture in sailing and has a very tight-knit community. I remember when I was younger all I wanted to do was be part of the community and hopefully one day make a contribution to it.

What is your favourite part of working as an instructor at Glenmore Sailing School?

I have two favourite parts about working at the Glenmore Sailing School, the first is the staff; without their candour, hard work and positive attitude the program wouldn’t be where it is today. Second, I love the fact that the sailing school provides opportunity to people who may not normally participate in Sailing; because GSS is a publically run program, our pricing and marketing reflects a really inclusive attitude towards the sport, you can really see the joy on some of our participants faces and it brings a lot of confidence and inspiration to them.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring instructor, what would it be?

I always tell my sailing staff coaching and teaching is like method acting; students are really quick to pick up on a lack of enthusiasm, confidence or ability – so when you coach bring to your lesson what inspires you, be self-critical about your own sailing like you are about your students and keep developing your skills like you’d want your students too!


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