Helping our boaters – Gallagher Skippers’ Plan

This year many of us are delayed in getting to see our boats. If this is you, you might feel a bit worried about how your boat is doing.  What if it’s been damaged while ashore in the off-season?

Did you know that most insurance companies are being flexible to the greatest extent possible? Here’s one example: To the end of July 2020, Aviva (i.e. Skippers’ Plan) has committed to not cancelling policies for non-payment if a client has lost their job.

Another… Should anyone need a survey – deadlines for boat surveys are pushing back by a year. Other rules are relaxing on a case by case basis.  Most companies are also offering a discount if your boat remains on shore for the summer and – heaven forbid – doesn’t get to launch.

Boat Owners remember this – No one should breach government regulations regarding COVID-19  on the assumption that it is required for insurance! Talk to your broker to express any concerns with your boat and your situation this year.

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