Gallagher Skippers’ Plan Female Athlete of the Year – Sarah Douglas

Sarah has continued to produce improving results over the past three years while on the Canadian Sailing Team, highlighted by a 7th place finish at the Ready Steady Tokyo Olympic Test event and winning a Gold Medal for Canada at the 2019 Pan Am Games. Having qualified the country for a spot in the Radial class at Tokyo 2020, Sarah continues to work with the other Radial sailors on the CST & CSDS as they train together with coach Vaughn Harrison. Her hard work both on the water and off is paying off as Sarah consistently finds herself ranked among the best Radial sailors in the world.


Not only is Sarah pursuing sailing full time, but she also makes time to endorse several outreach programs that she believes in. She has been an active participant in youth development programs such as Fast & Female where she has served as an Ambassador, the Believe Initiative and the Broadreach Foundation. Sarah also continues to give back to the local sailing community through guest coaching appearances as well as talks and presentations to Canadian youth sailors.


Another year another award and nomination, how are you feeling? 

I am very honoured to be named Female Athlete of the Year and to be a finalist of Rolex Sailor of the Year. The support I get from the sailing community is astronomical and motives me even more. 


While there’s only one of you on the water, there’s a lot of people behind the scenes, how many people would you say help contribute to your success? 

You’re right, I may be the only person on the boat but there are so many people who contribute to my success. 


First, it’s my parents who have supported me no matter what. They call themselves the support staff and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Next, I have an incredible coach and an integrated support team that guides me day-to-day. A lot of my success comes down to the support I get from the sailing and sport community 


Being a full-time sailor means a lot of time away from home; travelling, new cultures, etc. How do you adapt to these variables to ensure the best results? 

Being on the road so much, I try to keep things relatively the same if I can. Sticking to my daily routine is where I feel my best and I will bring items from home to ensure that.


You work very hard to be where you want to be and are a huge influence on other female athletes out there. If you could give them one piece of advice what would it be? 

My advice for female athletes is to have no fear. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask a question and show everyone what you can do. I myself have been quiet in the past but it won’t help yourself or your community to move forward


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