Engine Cut Off Switches

Transport Canada is considering requiring the use of engine cut off switches and is asking for comments on this proposal. This requirement may be of concern to sailors of motorized vessels 8 metres or less in length. The proposal is summarized below and the comment periods is open to May 19, 2023. To address comment or concerns to Transport Canada, visit the letstalktransportation.ca site, Marine Safety and Security Consultations or go to page https://letstalktransportation.ca/lets-talk-engine-cut-off-switches.

What Transport Canada is proposing
To increase boater safety and align Canadian requirements with the U.S., Transport Canada may introduce requirements so that engine cut-off switches are installed on new vessels that:

  • are less than 8 metres (26 feet);
  • have an engine or engines that can produce at least 511 Newtons (115 pounds of force) of static thrust or 2.2 Kilowatts (3 horsepower) of power in total;
  • and have a primary helm station that isn’t in an enclosed cabin.

We may also require operators to link themselves to an engine cut-off switch if their vessel fits the description above and already has an engine cut-off switch.