Call for Photos!

In time to prepare Sail Canada’s 2021-2024 Rule Book & ePub, we are inviting submissions of images for consideration to adorn the next Rule Book cover for the next 4 year period!

Welcome now are submissions of high resolution images showcasing a race environment or activity in Canada, with any of these details in mind:

  • Start Lines, Mark Roundings
  • Race Fleets – Dinghy, Keel boat, Windsurfer, Kite
  • Race Committees, Judges, Umpires, Mark Layers at work
  • Racing Coaches
  • Racing marks / Buoys
  • Start sequence Flags
  • Regatta environments on-water &/or on shore where the Racing Rules of Sailing would be in place
  • No evidence of sponsor branding in image
  • High Performance Race, Offshore race, Regattas, Week-end warrior racing, Week-night local ‘round the buoys

Submit your photo:

Selection of Photo

  • If a photo has been selected for use, Sail Canada will notify the photographer prior to the photo being used. Photographers will only be contacted if their photo has been chosen.
  • Not all submitted photos will be chosen for the cover of Sail Canada’s 2021-2024 Rule Book. Other uses for submitted images may arise. Sail Canada will contact the submitter for permission prior to any other uses.
  • Lower resolution image may be submitted as long as a high resolution version of it is available should it be selected.

Photo Submission Agreement and Guidelines

  • The Photographer:
    • Grants to Sail Canada licence rights to use submitted photo on its 2021-2024 Rule Book, image of which may rest on website, social media, and other non-profit use connected with Sail Canada;
    • Warrants that he/she has consent from any person who appears in a submitted photo to share or publish.
  • Image and text provided may be edited prior to use.
  • Selected image(s) will have the photographer promoted in/on the book and in initial promotions of the book.
  • Sail Canada will not use the photos for any commercial purpose.
  • Only the original photographer can submit their photo. Do not submit photos that you did not take.