This award was donated to the CYA in 1997 by the Burk family to honor the memory of Bill Burk, their father, an active promoter of youth sailing in Montreal’s West Island region. Two awards will be given annually and they will be awarded to athletes/teams of different genders identities. In order to be eligible, the candidate must:

a) Have a record of outstanding achievement in national and international youth competitions from December 2, 2018, to December 1, 2019, and brought recognition to Canadian competitive sailing. The following events will be considered foremost (although not exclusively) in the selection of a male and female recipient: 1) Youth Worlds, 2) International youth events recognized by ISAF 3) Sail Canada Canadian Youth Sailing Championships

b) Through behavior and manner, have set an example for other youth competitors.

c) Have demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship.

d) Be 18-and-under as of December 31st in the year of nomination.

e) Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

2022 Annie Balasubramanian, & Colin Gilley & Matt Young
2020-2021 Annie Balasubramanian & Nathan Latka
2019 Hunter Dejean and Ryan Anderson
2018 Hunter Dejean and Tayte Stefaniuk
2017 Georgia Lewin-LaFrance, Madeline Gillis, & Liam Bruce
2016 Georgia Lewin-LaFrance & Matti Muru
2015 Coralie Vittecoq, Pat Wilson & Arie Moffat
2014 Antonia Lewin-LaFrance, & Andrew & Ryan Wood
2013 Corinne Peters & Sandy Beatty
2012 Ali ten Hove, Allie Surrette & Justin Vittecoq
2011 Fréderique Tougas, Florence Pepin-Delhaes & Kyle Campbell Martin
2010 Jessica Round, Erin Berry & Alex Heinzemann
2009 Isabella Bertold & Alex Heinzemann
2008 Robert Davis & Isabella Bertold
2007 Robert Davis & Isabella Bertold
2006 Luke Ramsay & Hayley McLean
2005 Luke Ramsay & Hayley McLean
2004 Nicole Bastet & John Romanko
2003 Nicole Bastet & Alex Steele
2002 Conner Higgins
2001 Mike Leigh
2000 Matt Johnston
1999 Geneviève Gaudreau
1998 Mike Todd
1997 Bernard Luttmer