ROC(M) Instructors
COVID-19 Procedure

Instructions for conducting examinations during the COVID19 Crisis

Students wishing to challenge the Maritime Radio Examination may do so in the following manner:

  1. Examinations must be face-to-face using Skype or some other two-way video communication system
  2. The Instructor must check the photo ID of the student. 
  3. The examination is a closed book examination with a time limit of 60 minutes for the 60 written questions. Having to read each question may cause the Instructor to extend the limit if required. It should be obvious to the Instructor whether the student is consulting written material or not. If the student is consulting written material, the Instructor can terminate the examination or warn the student and continue with the examination. 
  4. The written questions must be asked and answered orally. 
    1. The Instructor will read each question and possible answers. The RE may clarify the question and answers to the student but may not provide the answer or be tempted to hint at the correct answer. 
    2. The student will provide the answer which the RE will mark on an answer sheet
    3. If the student does not provide an answer, the RE will mark the question and return to it at the end of the examination and ask the question again. 
    4. Once all questions have been answered, the RE will mark the examination using a marking key and determine if the student has passed or failed. 
  5. The oral questions must be asked and answered orally.
  6. If the student passes the examination the RE will;
    1. Fill out the application form, except for the student’s signature
    2. Fill out the top part of the answer sheet with the student’s information
    3. Show the forms to the student via the communication system
    4. Request that the student email his/her concurrence with the forms. Application forms are all numbered, and the number should be included in the email. The email must be included as part of the paperwork sent to the National Office in lieu of the student signing the application form and the answer sheet.
    5. Send an electronic copy of the completed application form to the student to act as a temporary certificate. The Green copy of the form could be mailed to the student if the RE prefers. 
    6. Enter the marks into the IT system and process the paperwork through the National Office in the normal manner. 
  7. If the student fails the examination, the RE will advise the student that they can take the examination again in the future but must wait at least 24 hours.