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As the CEO of Sail Canada, I’m very excited to share this new Strategic Plan with the Sailing Community. In 2020, even with the COVID-19 Pandemic in full force, Sail Canada felt it was essential to undertake a Strategic Planning Process, to set the future direction of the sport and to involve the sailing community. The process started with a questionnaire to the membership in August 2020, and continued with a meeting with our provincial partners in October 2020, followed by focus group sessions and monthly sessions with our provincial partners. The process was led by a Strategic Planning Task Force, of members from across Canada. The Board of Directors approved the Strategic Plan in April of 2021.

Developing this plan during COVID-19 was a special challenge. We attempted to address how sailing can rebound from a difficult year. The world is also facing profound challenges with racism, diversity issues, and climate change. These considerations and others were factored into the planning process and a strategy is today being developed to address them.

It was clear from the feedback that Sail Canada needs to promote and grow the sport in the diverse community that Canada has become. It was also clear that Sail Canada should be more than just Olympic class focused, and a broader set of priorities must be achieved while not forgetting its performance athletes and coaches.

I hope the Strategic Plan challenges you to look at the vision as something you can aspire to, whether you are a recreational sailor, an instructor, a competitive sailor or competitive coach, a volunteer, or a staff member working to make our sport happen in Canada. In whatever way you enjoy the sport, keep in mind the fundamental values we all share.

With the needs of our club members front of mind, this new plan focuses on promoting and growing the sport of sailing and also expanding and broadening our participant and membership base. It also looks to have Sail Canada be influential on the international stage both with World Sailing and at World Championships in all classes of the sport.

Under the new strategic framework, Sail Canada is doing things differently and this plan reflects that change. Sail Canada is playing a leadership role in the development and promotion of the sport and also in the development of the sailors, coaches and officials. The success of this plan depends on the collaboration of all our partners, at the club, provincial and national levels. Sail Canada’s success depends on the success of each of its partners, at the club, provincial and national levels. We all have clear roles and responsibilities in the development and promotion of the sport, and we need to work together and be aligned to achieve the strategic goals set out in the plan.

The theme of excellence resonates throughout the plan. Whether it be coaching, officiating, volunteering, learning to sail or cruise programs, athlete development, or local, national, or international competitions Sail Canada is striving for excellence with every aspect of the sport that we do. Sail Canada will be excellent in every aspect of the sport. With the execution of this plan, Sail Canada can live up to its potential and build the sport for current and future generations.

The Sail Canada team for the Board of Directors, dedicated staff team, and dedicated volunteers from across the country is focused on leading sailing in Canada. We have dedicated and talented sailors, coaches, and officials at every level of the sport who need our support. Together we can continue to build an organization that all members can be proud of.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to be part of the Strategic plan process. Your input was invaluable.

Also, a big thank-you to all our funding Partners, Sport Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Olympic Foundation, Coaching Association of Canada, and our Sponsors Rolex, Helly Hanson, Gallagher, and BMO.

Don Adams
CEO, Sail Canada


Thank you for taking the time to look at Sail Canada’s newly developed Strategic Plan.

I would like to thank the diverse team of volunteers & staff from across Canada who has spent considerable time and energy working with Sail Canada’s stakeholders and partners to create this guide for our future. I hope that it inspires many of you to think about new ways to contribute to the success of sailing in Canada!

While an organization’s Strategic Plan is an excellent opportunity to assess priorities and strategies, its ultimate success lies in the *everyday adoption* of key initiatives, priorities, and strategies by staff and volunteers alike as they work at their various tasks and activities.

A Strategic Plan document that sits on the shelf is an excellent snapshot of some well-intentioned thinking about an organization but without all of us taking the plan to heart we miss the chance to really “make a difference” by working collaboratively with the whole Sail Canada team to achieve shared objectives.

As you review the following pages, I hope you will agree that this Strategic Plan provides an excellent framework for us to move the sport of sailing forward in Canada through well-considered and intentional initiatives for the benefit of our stakeholders, partners, members, and sailors from across Canada.

Most importantly, I hope that each of you will be able to take the time to consider the elements of this plan and think about *how* these strategies and priorities can be incorporated into the invaluable roles that you play with Sail Canada.

Looking forward, it is certain that we will continue to experience much change in the sport of sailing and in our sailing lives in general. I am confident that the Sail Canada team of staff, volunteers, and partners will continue to rise to the occasion by adapting to new realities with the agility and foresight we need to win!

Thanks to each one of you for doing your part in continuing to drive the sport of sailing forward in Canada!

Thanks also to our ever-supportive sponsorship and fundraising partners as well as Sport Canada and Candian Olympic Committee/Own The Podium for all of the financial support that is so generously provided as we strive to support sailing in Canada at all levels.

We are *ALL* Sail Canada!

Thank you

Hugh McGugan
Chair, Board of Directors
Sail Canada