10 ways to make your club/school more inclusive

At Sail Canada we believe that every sailor should have the right to learn how to sail in a safe and inclusive environment. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and respected! 

Here are 10 ways to make your club/school and organization more inclusive: 


  1. Make anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion a priority of your organization
  2. Create a culture of respect and anti-racism that is welcoming to all.
    Educate yourself about the unique challenges faced by sailors of colour and work to ensure they have the same positive experience and opportunity to succeed as other athletes in your club. 
  3. Ensure that your staff is trained on the meaning and importance of inclusion, integration, cultural diversity, and cultural competence. 
  4. Incorporate inclusivity in courses – explaining to sailors the importance of making sure everyone feels welcomed and accepted no matter who they are.
  5. Welcome all sailors, old and new, to try the sport and enhance their skills no matter their gender, sexual orientation or colour 
  6. Hire coaches and staff of colour to diversify your club/school
  7. Never stop educating yourself and creating resources to become as inclusive as possible – be a leader 
  8. Develop partnerships with local groups that represent people with disability
  9. Form an Inclusion Committee within the club specifically to consider how the club can create more opportunities
  10. New members should be encouraged to invite family members and significant others to come along to social functions and to watch games – Have someone show them around – help them feel welcomed