Youth Board Championships at CORK International

Youth Board Championships at CORK International

Updated: Sunday, August 13, 2017- Kingston, ON

The 2017 Youth Board Championships kick off tomorrow at CORK International in Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston offers great sailing conditions with thermal winds rising most afternoons and usually reaching around 10- 12 knots.

Racing starts Friday, August 11th lasting 3 days; sailors who come out on top will be receiving prizes thanks to Helly Hansen.
Stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend!

Final Day

The 2017 Sail Canada Board Youth Championships wrapped up with two more races today, bringing all fleets to a total of 7 races over three days. The breeze was solid throughout the afternoon with an average of 15 knots. 


The leaders from the first two days maintained there positions through the final day of racing, finishing first in their respective classes.  


RS:X 8.5 – 1st Olivia Mew, 2nd Anthony Swaelens, 3rd Tyler McKay

RS:X 9.5 – 1st Max Robinson, 2nd Zane Feder, 3rd Tim Walker

Race Board – 1st Nick Cox, 2nd Artem Lavrynenko, 3rd Andree Gauthier

Techno 293 – 1st Ronnie Van-Ham, 2nd Philip Menard, 3rd Deanie Harding


Full results can be found here

Day 2
Day two of the Board Youth Championships at CORK International brought stronger winds averaging 15 knots from the southwest. Racing started at 1pm for the Boards and they were able to get in all 3 scheduled races. Now with a total of 5 races, one drop race is in place. The leaders after two days or racing are:
RS:X 8.5 – Olivia Mew
RS:X 9.5 – Max Robinson
Race Board – Nick Cox
Techno 293 – Ronnie Van-Ham
Racing finishes tomorrow with another 3 races planed. Awards will be presented following racing at Portsmouth Harbour. Check out all the results here!

Day 1

Day 1 of the Youth Board Championships got off to a good start with the fleets completing 2 races in 7- 10 knots.

The leaders after day 1 are:
RS:X 8.5 M - Olivia Mew
RS:X 9.5 M - Max Robinson
Race Boards - Nick Cox
Techno 293: Ronnie Van Ham

Racing continues for the next two days. Check out all the results here!

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