CANSail Windsurf

What is CANSail?
CANSail refers to Canada’s updated sailor training standards. CANSail Windsurf is Sail Canada’s board sailing program for clubs to deliver across Canada. CANSail is a leading sail training initiative to foster performance in sailing and life long participation in the sport.

CANSail programming means lots of time on the water in a safe, fun and active learning environment, with relatively less time spent in a classroom. Sailors learn the skills and enter into fun and challenging experiences suited to their age and stage of development. The programming is designed to get - and keep - sailors excited about sailing for life! The six CANSail levels promote progressive training of core dinghy sailing skills.

Why CANSail?
CANSail is designed to be a set of progressive learn to sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat or board, and consolidates key skills and solid experience before adding complex skills.


CANSail Windsurf

CANSail Windsurf 1 - The CANSail 1 Standard is achieved when the following tasks are consistently performed. Any on-water tasks being in wind speeds of 0-10 knots. CANsail 1 introduces new sailors to windsurfing from getting under way to steering, tacking, gybing, basic safety and self rescue procedures. The objective of CANSail 1 is that new windsurfers can learn to have fun on a windsurfer and safely return to the where they started.

CANSail Windsurf 2 - On completion of level 2, the sailor will be able to consistently perform the following tasks in wind speeds of 6 – 12 knots where applicable including but not exclusively: the fast tack and pivot gybe, starting, stopping, proper sail trim and foot steering.

CANSail Windsurf 3 - On completion of level 3, the sailor will be able to consistently perform the following tasks in wind speeds of 9-15 knots where applicable. The sailor will become familiar with the use of the foot straps and the harness as necessary and will be introduced to planing and racing.

CANSail Windsurf 4 - On completion of level 4, the sailor will be able to consistently perform the following tasks in wind speeds of 12 – 25 knots. Advance sailing introduces windsurfers to maintenance, sail theory, planing and advanced windsurfing techniques such as the water start and the carving gybe. At this level the windsurfer will be capable of sailing multiple types of sailboards.

CANSail Windsurf 5 - This level builds the foundation of racing and competition knowledge for sailors competing at a regional level. The action standards for this program must be completed consistently at regional level competition. The goals of this program are to train sailors in the fundamentals of racing and provide a platform for the developing racer.

CANSail Windsurf 6 - On completion of this level a candidate will be able to compete with good speed and control and be able to compete at provincial level events. The candidate will have a well-rounded knowledge of sail theory, racing rules and tactics. This program has been outlined for racing, as preparation for building a foundation of sailors for the elite competition.