Update on World Sailing Meetings and Sail Canada’s Position on the Events Selection for 2024 in France

Update on World Sailing Meetings and Sail Canada’s Position on the Events Selection for 2024 in France

Tuesday May 22nd - Kingston, ON  

Over the past several months World Sailing set out a process to decide on the Events and Equipment for Paris Olympics 2024.


In February 2018 – Council agreed which Events would be placed under review for 2024.  Thus the Men’s One Person Dinghy – Laser, Women’s One Person Dinghy – Radial, Men’s Skiff – 49er, Women’s Skiff – 49erFX, Mixed Two Person Multihull – Nacra 17 were not under review and therefore will be recommended by World Sailing to be on the program for 2024.  The other events were under review to stay, be modified or eliminated.


As part of this process each Member National Authority (MNA) had the opportunity to provide submissions as per Regulation 23, focusing on proposed events for the 2024 Olympic.   The deadline was Monday March 19, 2018 eight weeks before the Council meeting. Sail Canada submitted a proposal along with numerous other MNAs. In total there were 56 Submissions with various options for events.  Sail Canada’s proposal (Submission 61) can be found on the World Sailing Website at http://www.sailing.org/meetings/mid-year-2018.php


As World Sailing has indicated that it wanted to retain certain classes therefore they were not up for discussion or review.  Sail Canada’s submission reflects that position.   


In the Sail Canada submission we supported, the five events as “protected by World Sailing (men’s one person dinghy - Laser, women’s one person dinghy - Radial, Men’s Skiff - 49er, Women’s Skiff -FX, Mixed two person multihull - Nacra)


Also the Sail Canada submission supported

  • Men’s Windsurfing - equipment to be reviewed
  • Women’s Windsurfing - equipment to be reviewed
  • Men’s One Person Dinghy Power/Endurance - equipment to be reviewed but stated our opinion that the Finn meets this target
  • Women’s One Person Dinghy Power/Endurance - equipment to be reviewed (single-handed female - on the smaller stature side than Radial)
  • Mixed Double Handed Dinghy - equipment to be reviewed (our submission did not exclude the 470 from this consideration)

Sail Canada’s proposal was drafted as a conservative solution, not a revolutionary change. We wanted to protect the male single-handed power dingy (Finn Equipment). Secondly we thought the Offshore event was not tested, and therefore should be proposed by WS and Paris Olympics as an excellent showcase mixed event in Marseille. Thirdly, we did not think kite sailing was well tested, and format or equipment agreed upon.  Therefore we suggested mixed kites for a showcase event.

Sail Canada member (Peter Hall) sits on the WS Council that decided on the final proposals.  The powers of the Council are set out in Reg 41. As one of 3 councillors from Region P North America, Peter worked closely with Sail Canada’s High Performance Staff and High Performance Committee to develop a Canadian position and consensus and he advocated the same at the Council.   The World Sailing Council has over 40 members representing the various regions of the World so getting any consensus was a long process.

Following the Events Committee Meeting of May 12 &13 where submission M36-18 was recommended to Council, the World Sailing Council met for a further two days of meetings in London on May 14 and 15 to address the proposed submissions.  After rejecting Submission M36-18, Council proceeded through a series of voting rounds and ultimately the World Sailing Council passed Submission M22-18 by a narrow margin as the proposal for Events in 2024.

M22-18 calls for Men’s Windsurfing, Women Windsurfing, Mixed One Person Dinghy, Mixed Kite and Mixed two person Dinghy to be added to the five events not review and retained.

Within the submission recommendations were included around potential equipment to be utilized including reviewing the Windsurfing equipment, the potential to pair the Finn with a new or existing class for women in the Mixed One-Person Dinghy, and retaining the 470 in the Mixed Two-Person Dinghy.

A fuller explanation of the process and the voting can be found here.

The intention of Submission M22-18 allows for most of the existing equipment and events to be continued, to reduce additional costs as much as possible, but with the requirement that the format of some of the Events is changed.

As the Olympics moves to an event based programme rather than a sport-based programme, it is essential that each sailing event have a distinctive format from all other events in that sport. M22-18 also meets the requirements of gender equality, which was considered an essential part of any change to events.


The submission says: 

New Mixed One-Person Dinghy Event / Retain Equipment and New Equipment – this event proposal renames the current “Heavyweight Men’s One Person Dinghy” to “Mixed One-Person Dinghy”. The Finn would be retained for the men’s equipment and new equipment would be selected for the women’s event that suits women of around 70kg.


This will be changed. The Equipment Committee will define the criteria to decide the equipment in November 2018, with the intention to have a one-person women’s boat to suit a different physique from the existing Women’s One Person Dinghy – Radial event.


What happens Next?

Between now and November World Sailing will be calling for proposals as to which equipment will be used for the 2024 Events.  

At the November 2018 Annual Conference the Member National Authorities must ratify the proposal slate of Events and the Equipment to be used.


Over the next 6 months Sail Canada will work to refine and finalize its position and decide whether to vote to accept the Council decision or to reject it.  We expect there to be continuous lobbying by various groups prior to the meeting and much discussion around equipment. If you have comments or opinions on this proposal please send them don@sailing.ca

Our role at Sail Canada is to train and support our athletes and coaches no matter the outcome from World Sailing.  This is our unifying focus and as such our eyes must remain on Olympic and World Champions success moving forward.

The latest Press Release from World Sailing on the outcome can be found here