Three Top 20 Finishes for Canada at the 2017 Laser Radial World Championships!

Three Top 20 Finishes for Canada at the 2017 Laser Radial World Championships!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - Kingston, ON

The 2017 Laser Radial World Championships in Medemblik, Netherlands wrapped up Saturday after 5 days of racing in tricky conditions. In a highly competitive fleet, points were very close throughout the whole event and any mistakes made resulted in movement in the standings. To be successful, sailors had to keep their composure on the water and be consistent in their finishings. Our Canadian Radial sailors did just that with strong overall finishes and two personal best at a World Championship event. Brenda Bowskill finished 5th, Sarah Douglas finished 12th and Isabella Bertold finished 19th overall!

Brenda Bowskill on what made her event successful:

“Worlds 2017 offered conditions the complete opposite to what we prepared for, but that's often the case. We knew medemblik could have anything from 20+ knot offshore or light shifty onshore, it just depended what weather systems were around us during this specific week. Turns out we raced most days in a light on shore. I think one of my strengths as a sailor is that I don't have a condition weakness. There's isn't one type of wind that I feel I really struggle in and so I knew I was prepared for whatever Holland threw my way. I can attribute my success at this World Championships to putting in the time on the water with very focused training goals and with good international training partners, managed with just the right amount of time to be rested, fit and strong. When it was time to race, I made a choice to not look at forecasts or results and took each race one by one, day by day. One of my main focuses was to stay composed regardless of the result and stay focused in what I had to do in that moment. This in itself takes quite amount of energy but I was able to stay composed for the full 6 days which showed in my results. I addressed my previous issues with black flags by making sure I was looking at the pin and boat more frequently during the start sequence, managing risk vs reward on the start line, and a general better awareness of where the line was. I also sailed in a way that would avoid any visits to the jury room. Most days I finished knowing that I had done my personal best and executed my process goals without ever looking at the results. I think this was huge and something that I will continue to do in the future. It's so easy to get caught up in the outcome and possible future scenarios that it can distract you from what needs to be done in the moment, and I really experienced the benefits of being present while competing. I am very happy with the progress I have made since the Games and I am eager to see how far I can go leading towards Tokyo 2020.”

Sarah on her World’s Performance:
“Medemblik brought tricky conditions and I am very happy to have a solid performance at my second world championships. I spent a lot of time training in the gym and on the water in preparation for this event. I treated the event like any other regatta and stuck with my same routine every day which was crucial to stay level headed and focused in the challenging conditions”.


Isabella Bertold on the event:
"Overall I'm happy with the end result. There's always moments you wish you had back, but it was a really fun week and that's the most important thing! It's pretty awesome that Canada had three boats in the top 20, I don't think that's ever happened before at a Radial Worlds, and I'm sure we're all going to work hard for even better results next year!"



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