Three Canadian classes in podium position - Pan Am Games

Three Canadian classes in podium position - Pan Am Games

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Toronto, ON – Three Canadian classes maintain podium position after a light day 3 at the 2015 Pan Am Games. The Sunfish (Luke Ramsay), Laser (Lee Parkhill), & J24 (Terry McLaughlin, David Jarvis, David Ogden and Sandy Andrews) currently sit in 2nd place overall going into the fourth day of Pan Am competition. “There is still a lot of regatta left”, says Luke Ramsay. “The goal is to push out as many bullets as possible until the end when it counts.”

One or two races were completed for all fleets today except the RSX: Men & Women sent home at 4pm after a long wait onshore. 3-time Olympian Nikola Girke was disappointed to not get out on the water saying, "I was ready to race, today was my day. Patience is a virtue and part of the sport.”

The light tricky conditions continue to plague a few Canadian teams including 49erFX team Rafuse/Boyd sitting in 6th overall. Rafuse admits they are having a tough start to their event saying, “We are looking to hit the reboot button tomorrow with more breeze and a new slate of races.”

Preliminary racing continues tomorrow for all fleets with an early start of 1030am. Follow the action @PanSail @PanSail_Bravo @PanSail_Charlie @PanSail_Alpha and your headquarters for Canadian action @SailCanada

Canadian Unofficial Results - Day 3

Sunfish: Luke Ramsay – 2nd (12 boats)
Laser: Lee Parkhill – 2nd (16 boats)
J24 - T McLaughlin/Jarvis/Ogden/Andrews – 2nd (6 boats)
RSX:M : Zac Plavsic - 4th (7 boats)
Snipe - E McLaughlin/Strnad - 6th (10 boats)
Radial: Brenda Bowskill – 7th (15 boats)
Hobie 16: Borg/Giovando - 6th (7 boats)
Lightning - Allen/Deakin/Leger - 6th (7 boats)
RS:W: Nikola Girke - 6th (6 boats)
49erFX: Rafuse/Boyd - 6th (6 boats)

Full Results

photo credit: Will Ricketson