The Truman Show - Palma, Mallorca

The Truman Show -  Palma, Mallorca

The arrival of US military air carrier “Harry S. Truman” in the bay Palma transformed the organisation of today’s World Cup racing. The vessel anchored in the bay of Palma with a 1,000 meter restriction area in which no boat can sail and a 2,400 meter area in which it is forbidden to stop. With almost 6,000 US militaries on board, the “Harry S. Truman” is 332.8 meter long and 40,8 wide in the water line, although its maximum beam on deck in 78 metres. Needless to say, regatta organizers had to work their event around the vessel that will anchored there until Sunday.

Conditions were also a challenge for many as strong winds and rain developed with gusts up to 27kts. Nacra 17 team Ramsay/Girke fell victim to the the elements today suffering a DNF and moving a few spots back to 26th. Isabella Bertold managed to muscle up some decent scores on the Radial course, moving her into 5th place. Greg Douglas fell a couple of spots back to 12th and will be working hard tomorrow to get back into medal race contention. Laser sailors Robert Davis and Lee Parkhill struggled to maintain good position in giant waves, moving them back into mid 20’s. FX team Rafuse/Boyd are enjoying some good racing in silver fleet with a race win today.

Tomorrow marks the final day of racing before the elusive medal race day on Saturday.

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