September 22, 2019


In honour of National Coaches Week, Sail Canada would like to recognize one of its own, Ken Dool.

Over the years Ken has poured his life into the sailing community, continuously making an impact on athletes and coaches. His wealth of knowledge, experience and unique skill set pushes sailors to become the best versions of themselves on and off the water.

Celebrating his 30 years with the organization, Ken has coached hundreds of sailors from a young age to the international stage. With seven Olympic games under his belt, he is one of the most decorated and experienced sailing coaches within Canada.

I have worked with Ken for almost a decade now and can say he is truly a great coach, mentor and friend. Through the ups and downs of my Olympic campaigns, he's always been there for me as a positive influence on both my sailing and personal growth. I am currently at a very exciting stage of my campaign and a large part of that is being able to work closely with Ken so together we can reach our Olympic goals.

Tom Ramshaw, Canadian Sailing Team

Ken has been the steady voice in Canadian sailing for my entire career. As a youth sailor, I remember Ken running the races for my first Pan Am trials and then leading the coaching charge at those Games and every Pan Am and Olympic Games I have competed or coached in since. He is in his element at Games and multi-class Worlds and has been a consistent source of support and information for me as a coach. Thank you for all you have given to our sport Ken

Lisa Ross, Coach & Technical Director at Sail Nova Scotia

There are many pivotal moments where Ken has helped me. Building success takes time, and before you get to that moment there come many times of failures but he always sticks with you to help you reach your goal. He’s willing to work hard over long periods of time with athletes to do the hard work and do the stuff that people don’t notice so they can achieve those moments in time. Ken’s patience and perseverance are admirable.

Chris Cook, Canadian Sailing Team Alumni

Ken’s extensive experience, enthusiasm and dedication to the sport of sailing makes him one of the most valuable coaches in Canada. I always love working with Ken and he is someone I often rely on for advice, coaching and great conversation. At the Pan Am Games, Ken’s support both on and off the water was instrumental in Canada’s success and my Gold medal. I’m proud to call Ken a friend

Sarah Douglas, Canadian Sailing Team

From all the sailors across Canada, thank you, Ken, for continuously pushing people forward to become the best versions of themselves.


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