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2020 – 2021 Canadian Sailing Team Sport Canada Carding Criteria

The next Sport Canada carding cycle starts on May 1, 2020.

EVENT & TEAM Qualification Criteria:

Youth Worlds Team Qualification

2020 Canadian Youth World Team Selection Criteria

2020 Canadian Sailing Youth Squad 

Athlete Appeal Procedure 

The Canadian Sailing Team is selected annually from Canadian sailors who are competing in the Olympic and Paralympic events. Selection for the Canadian Sailing Team is based upon the results of the World Championships and National Qualification Regattas.



2020 Olympic Internal Selection Process

In general, qualification to the 2020 Canadian Olympic Team in Sailing is a two-part process, which comprises of:

qualifying a quota spots for Canada via the World Sailing (WS) Qualification System; and
once such quota spots are qualified, being nominated to the Team through the Sail Canada Internal Nomination Process.
One major change to the trials format for the 2020 Olympics is that once a class meets the World Sailing Qualification then that class is eligible to qualify for the Games and no other standard will be applied to this criteria. The purpose of this change is to allow for many of our teams that are focused on 2024 to gain valuable experience attending and learning from the 2020 Olympics.

The two-part qualification consists of the following methods:

Method A

In the event that only one Team places in the Top-10 at the 2019 Olympic Class World Championships, and no other Team places within five overall finish positions of the Team that finished in the Top-10, they will automatically be selected to the Olympic Team.
If two or more Teams place in the Top-10 at the 2019 Olympic Class World Championships and/or another or other Team(s) place(s) within five overall finish positions of a Top-10 finisher, then the selection process will move to Method B for these teams only as described below.

Method B

Two Event Selection: In the event that Section applies, or if no team qualifies through Method A the Team (or Teams) seeking to be selected to the Olympic Team shall compete in a two regatta selection series.

If you are a Canadian athlete and wish to inquire about these selection events and/or would like a copy of the Internal Selection document please contact Mike Milner


Internal Nomination Process - 2019 PAN AM Games 

Pan Am Intermal Nomination Process - Attachment A: Intetion to Compete

Pan Am Internal Nomination Process - Attachment B: Sail Canada Athlete Agreement 
Pan Am Internal Nomination Process - Attachment C: Sail Canada Code of Conduct
Pan Am Internal Nomination Process - Attachment D: Sail Canada Policy; Appeal Process and Dispute Resolution

Athlete Selection Procedures - 2019 Olympic Test Event - Enoshima, Japan

Country Qualification:
Pan American Games 

Schedule "A"- Nationality Policy for Major Games and ISAF Events