ROC(M) Instructor-Administration Information

ROC Maritime/DSC

The ROC license is a Canadian Federal government issued card that allows you to operate a marine VHF radio. As a result of a partnership between Sail Canada and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, all current Sail Canada instructors with a Maritime Radio Certificate with DSC endorsement and a CANSail 3 & 4 Instructor certification, Basic Powerboat Instructor and/or a Basic Learn to Cruise Instructor certification can now instruct the Maritime Radio License Course. Please contact with questions.

Who is eligible to provide the course?

  • Sail Canada will recognize and authorize any registered and qualified instructors to teach and conduct examinations for the ROC(M)
  • Instructors must have, as a minimum, their own ROC(M) with DSC Endorsement and current CANSail 3 & 4 Instructor or Learn to Cruise Basic Instructo certification (or higher level).

How do instructors confirm eligibility?

  • Instructors who are interested in providing the courses should contact Sail Canada to confirm their status as a CPS accredited instructor.
  • Sail Canada will provide CPS with names of all qualified and registered instructors.

What should an instructor do to become eligible?

What materials are required to teach the course and where are they available?

  • Eligible Instructors are required to purchase a Maritime Radio Course Manual (including the Instructors Guide CD) and all student Course Manuals (including interactive student CD), tests, answer sheets, marking keys, application forms and any other related materials for each student.
  • All materials are available through the Sail Canada.

Where are the completed course materials to be sent?

  • Instructors send all completed test materials plus a $25 processing fee for each exam directly to CPS, for confirmation and issue of cards to successful candidates.

What price can the instructors charge for the materials?

  • Sail Canada instructors may set their own costs, but are advised that the cost should be relatively comparable to CPS courses.
  • Instructor and student packages are available in the Online Store.