Regatta Delivery Summit at AGM

Regatta Delivery Summit at AGM

The Regatta Delivery Summit is an opportunity for Event Organizers, Race Officials, Coaches & Sailors to come together and engage in shared learning. The highlights of the Summit this year are…

Event Organizers, Race Officials & Coaches - Partnerships in Regatta Delivery
Presented by: Ken Dool, Canadian Sailing Team Head Coach and High Performance Director
Event Organizers, Race Officials and Coaches all have important roles to fill when it comes to Regatta Delivery. This session will focus on best practices for working with and using Coaches as both a resource and part of the regatta delivery team.

Tides: For The Committee and Racers
Presented by: Dr. Richard Dewey, Sailor and Oceanographer
In many ocean venues, tides are a challenging reality. Although local knowledge will almost always exist, this presentation will show how a basic understanding of what causes tides, how to interpret tide tables, and how both committees and racers can learn to read tidal currents can greatly level the playing field.

Protest Hearings Involving Race Committee
Presented by: Mike Turner, National Judge
There are several reasons that race officers may be party to a protest hearing. This session will discuss how and why race officers get involved in protests and what they should expect in the hearing.

Race Officer certification and re-certification update
Presented by: John Abel & Peter van Muyden, Sail Canada Race Management Sub Committee Members
The Sail Canada Race Management Sub Committee will be changing the current race management certification program to make it more in line with other ISAF Member National Authorities. This presentation will present the changes that are being considered.

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