Launch Day at Your Club

Launch Day at Your Club

The ice is melting, daylight is improving, this is a sure sign of Spring... launch is just around the corner!

We're counting down the days to launch our boats - some work followed by a long season of reward!

While it is unlikley that launch day will present any issues, let's take a second to think... 'what if there is an accident and my boat gets damaged?'

Did you know that Skippers’ Plan is the only insurance policy in Canada that automatically waives your deductible if your boat is damaged during launch at your club? This exclusive endorsement is provided free of charge to members of a Sail Canada member Club.

Find out more about the FREE Sail Canada endorsements here on the Skippers' Plan's Blog.


About Skippers' Plan
Skippers’ Plan Marine Insurance (Skippers’ Plan) is a specialty marine and yacht insurance provider and Official Insurance Partner to Sail Canada.