Late Afternoon Wind Delivers at CORK OCR

Late Afternoon Wind Delivers  at CORK OCR


Winds started off light for second day of CORK OCR, with cooler than average temperatures lingering for another day. Average wind speed was 4 – 8 knots when racing was scheduled to begin at 11am. Luckily the thermal effect in Kingston took over by 3pm with average winds increasing to 12-14 knots.

Today was the final day of racing for the Albacore North American’s, finishing with a total of 6 races over two days. Canadians Robert Bartlewski & Felipe Recaman of MSC take first place, followed by Barney Harris & David Byron of the USA in second, while Canadians James Stanley & Julie Stewart take third representing OHCC. Prizes were presented after racing.

In the 49er and FX fleets the top 3 positions remain unchanged since day one. David Mori & Barnes (RCYC) hold on to first place in the 49er fleet, Michael Brodeur & Dan Inkpen are in second and John & Arthur Ferguson (RCYC) in third. In FX action Erin Berry & Ingrid Merry (RCYC) stay in the top spot, followed by Arielle Morgan & Heather Myatt (RSTLYC) and Danielle Boyd & Erin Rafuse (RNSYS/KYC) sitting in second and third respectively.

F18 sailors Michael Easton & Tripp Burd (NENSA) have a strong lead on Anthony Boueilh & Maxime Loiselle (BDB) in second and Sandra Tartaglino (NENSA) in third. Similarly, Ian Struthers & Dan Cunningham have a comfortable hold on first, ahead of Jason Lemieux & Lauren Laventure and Greg Loffree & Ryan Garreth, all representing RCYC. In the Viper fleet Steve Conger (CSYS), Steve Champam (BYC) and Daren Gilbert (FYC) are currently the top three.

In single handed action Laser results show Cy Thompson (STYC), Lee Parkhill (RCYC/OYS) and Robert Davis (KYC/RCYC) at the top of the pack. Brenda Bowskill (RCYC) continues to lead the Radial fleet, followed by Connor Blouin (DIYC) and Nathan Dunn (RNSYS). When it comes to the Finn fleet Martin Robitaille (RCYC/CVL), Greg Douglas (RCYC) and Kyle Martin (RVanYC) hold the top spots.

On the board course Laurence Bonneau-Charland (Multi Voile), Fannie de Alcala (CVDM) and Olivia Mew (OST) are the top 3 RS:X. Nevin Sayre (Vineyard Haven YC), Andrée Gauthier (TWC) and Rick Collins are at the front of the Kona pack.

Racing continues tomorrow and will be the final day of racing for Windsurfer fleets, F18 and I14.