Get Out On The Water

Get Out On The Water

Ontario Sailing and ROWONTARIO have joined together to bring the joys and fun of being out on the water and learning new skills to people across Ontario. They have teamed up with sailing and rowing clubs across the province to create the “Get out on the Water” initiative. The goal behind Get Out on The Water is to increase accessibility to their sports and spread the passion of sailing and spending time on the water.

Over 60 Sail Canada member sailing clubs are involved and will open their doors to the public and offer new comers an opportunity to get out on the water and see what sailing is all about! This is an awesome opportunity for clubs to show new and interested people what kind of water activities are going on in their community and how they can get involved!

Stephanie Mckenzie, Program Manager for Get Out On The Water is very excited to be sharing sailing and rowing with people all around the province- “We are looking to create and rejuvenate the passion for our water sports sailing and rowing. With the PAN AMs being hosted in Toronto we are encouraging those who witness these sports to visit and see if they too can try their hand at the leisure or sport side of sailing and rowing. Our clubs are excited to introduce the public to what awaits them every season.”

June 20th, 2015 is when Get Out on The Water kicks into full swing, over 50 sailing and rowing clubs will be opening their doors for the day so that anyone can give these amazing sports a shot! The event is open to everyone, all ages, no experience required!
You can check out what Sail Canada member clubs will be opening their doors as well as register to secure a spot to get out in a sailboat or shell at

Do you have a unique program or event taking place at your club or organization that helps to get people involved in sailing and out on the water this summer? If you do, we would love to hear about it! Let us know about your program by emailing and it could be one of our Program features!