Game Day Decision! - Pan Am Trials - Ice Breaker Regatta

Game Day Decision! - Pan Am Trials - Ice Breaker Regatta

Sunday May 17, 2015 - Toronto, ON

The highly anticipated Pan Am Trials for the J24, Hobie 16, Lightning and Snipe classes got off to a slow start with a no wind on opening day sidelining eager fleets of Toronto 2015 potentials.

Day two in Toronto proved to be more fruitful with winds building midday ranging from 8-12kts across all three courses. Race management capitalized on the conditions pushing out 3-5 races across the various fleets.

Front runners include 2007 Pan Am bronze medalist Rossi Milev taking hold onto the early lead with 3 bullets (race wins) over his competition Terry McLaughlin currently sitting in 2nd place. 2011 Pan Am Games competitor Daniel Borg won 4 of 5 races with Nicolas Liebel hot on his heels with only a 3 point spread.

Evert McLaughlin is leading the Snipe fleet while Larry MacDonald holds onto a narrow lead in the hotly contested Lightning fleet.

Leaderboard: after Day 2

1-Rossi Milev
2-Terry McLaughlin
3-Evan Petley-Jones

1-Larry MacDonald
2-Jamie Allen
3-Adam MacDonald

Hobie 16
1-Daniel Borg
2-Nicholas Leibel
3-Jean Matthieu Bolland

1-Evert McLaughlin
2-Julien Inglis
3-Jefferson Hall

Other leaders include Bruce Millar in 2.4mR, Daniel Barry (Laser), and Matti Muru (Radial).
Today marks the exciting conclusion of the trials with racing scheduled to start at 1030am!

Results after Day 2
Overall Results
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