Day 3 – Senior Nationals at CORK OCR

Day 3 – Senior Nationals at CORK OCR

Day 3 continued with hot and sunny conditions and 9 – 11 knots of wind from the southwest.

David Mori & Justin Barnes (RCYC) continue to lead the 49er fleet, with Trevor Parekh & Gord Cook (RStLYC) in 2nd and Ryan Judge & Hans Henken (SDYC) in 3rd. In the FX fleet Emily Dellenbaugh & Elizabeth Barry are 1st, CST members Erin Rafuse & Danielle Boyd (RNSYS/KYC) move to 2nd and Arielle Morgan & Heather Myatt (RStLYC) remain in 3rd.

The I14 fleet finished racing their Canadian Championships today. Ian Struthers & Dan Cunningham (RCYC) finish 1st overall, with 7 wins in 12 races. John Curtis & Andrew Yates (KYC/RCYC) finish 2nd and Lauren Laventure & Jason Lemiuex (RCYC) are 3rd.

On the single-handed course, Cy Thompson (STYC) moved into first, ahead of Robert Davis (KYC/RCYC) in 2nd and Evert McLaughlin (RCYC) in 3rd. In the Radials, CST sailors Brenda Bowskill (RCYC), Claire Merry (RCYC/OYS) sit 1st and 2nd. Corinne Peters (RNSYS) moved into 3rd after three 2nd place finishes today. In the Finn fleet, Kyle Martin (RVanYC) moves back into 1st position, followed by Martin Robitaille (RStLYC/CVL) in 2nd and Tom Ramshaw (SLYC) is in 3rd.

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